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Audio Studio = Audio Editor + Wave Generator + Sound Recorder + Effects Processor + Audio Format Converter + Audio Player.

* Supported Input Media Formats:
Audio Studio supports almost all media formats, including Apple Lossless, aac, ac3, adx, aif, aiff, alaw, amr, ape, au, caf, cda, dsf, dts, flac, gsm, m4a, m4b, m4r,mj2, mka, mmf, mp2, mp3, mpga, mpa, ogg, pcm, ra, snd, spx, tta, wav, wma, wv, asf, avi, dv, flv, f4v, gif, mjpg, mkv, mov, mpg, mpeg, mp4, mts, mxf, m2ts, m4v, ogg, rm, rmvb, swf, ts, wmv, webm, 3gp, 3g2, etc

* Supported Output Audio Formats:
Audio Studio supports lots of audio formats, including Apple Lossless, aac, ac3, adx, aiff, amr, m4a, m4r, au, caf, flac, mmf, mp2, mp3, ogg, wav, wma, wv, etc

* Support Normal Audio Edit
Audio Studio supports audio delete, cut, trim, merge, copy, paste, duplicate, split, silence, split stereo track, swap stereo track, make stereo track, mix tracks, resample, change bit length, etc.

* Generate New Waves
Audio Studio can generate new mono track, new stereo track, sine/cos/square/sawtooth/triangle/noise/silence wave, etc.

* Support Sound Recording
Audio Studio supports real-time recording, timed recording, append recording and recording with background audio playing. Maximum recording time is only limited by the size of storage space. The rest of recording time can be always reminded.

* More than One Hundred Effects
Audio Studio supports more than one hundred effects including normal effects, nyquist effects, linux system effects and apple system effects. For example: Volume Adjust, Fade In, Fade Out, Echo, Repeat, Classic Filter, Change Speed, Change Pitch, Change Tempo, Wahwah, Reverse, Invert, Equalization, Normalise, Phaser, Noise Reduction, Truncate Silence, Artifitial Latency, DJ EQ, Frequency Tracker, Gate and so on.

You can select the most appropriate audio encoders, custom the most appropriate audio parameters of sample, bit rate and channel.

* 100% Pure Software
Audio Studio will not do anything without your permission. It won’t automatically send files to iTunes, collecting your personal data or installing any bundled software.

Any suggestion will be appreciated, support email:

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