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Absolute Absynth

Absolute Absynth

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Celebrate ten years of Absynth with these tell-all, expose videos that explore this Native Instruments soft synth's every intimate detail. Watch and see why this updated virtual synth is the Go To instrument for the top synthesists and sound designers all over the world!

Absynth does just about every kind of synthesis available on Planet Earth, including: Additive, Subtractive, FM, Wavetable, Granular, Morphing and Sampling. It also comes fully loaded with a multitude of filters like the Supercomb, Cloudfilter and the Aetherizer. In fact, Absynth 5 does such weird-and-wild, whacked out alien stuff that we at mPV are convinced that its "code" had to originate from a galaxy far, far away. To confirm our suspicions, we've sent out an mPV Interplanetary NED to explore the possibilities.

A soft synth of this complexity needs a really clear and grounded trainer. That's why we chose our most down-to-earth, in-house, expert educator, Scott Freiman, to tame this aural beast! Who else but Scott could make sense of Absynth's 68-stage envelope generators and its 1800 sounds and effects settings?!

In this very deep tutorial, Scott leaves no knob unturned! First, he takes you on a journey through the history of Absynth from its groundbreaking beginnings to its present day configuration. From there he's off and running, uncovering Absynth's plethora of advanced features and its new easy-to-use Mutator sound generation technology. He covers the browser, its internal effects, spectrum editing, its matrix of modulators, the macros, audio modulation and lots, lots more. In fact, we at guarantee that there isn't an Absynth tutorial like this one anywhere in the universe!

So plug in to this Scott Freiman video masterpiece and see why Absolute Absynth is absolutely the most awesome, authentic, au courant authority on NI's audadious audio soft synth: Absynth!

Table of Contents:

1. Ten Years Of Absynth
2. An Overview Of Absynth
3. Setting Up Audio and MIDI
4. Using Absynth As A Plug-In
5. The Browser
6. More About the Browser
7. The Mutator
8. The Performance Page
9. Saving Sounds
10. Using Absynth As An Effect
11. Signal Flow
12. Envelopes and Waves
13. Oscillators
14. Unison and Phase
15. Multiple Oscillators
16. Wavetable Modes
17. Sampling Modes
18. Oscillator Templates
19. Filters
20. Filter Examples
21. Waveshapers
22. Modulators
23. Using Feedback
24. Creating Custom Waves
25. Editing Custom Waves
26. Spectrum Edit
27. Morph Waves
28. Introduction to Envelopes
29. Working With Envelopes
30. Editing Breakpoints
31. More Envelope Editing
32. Syncing Envelopes
33. Envelope Modes
34. Control Driven Mode
35. Sample Jump
36. Envelope LFOs
37. Envelope Modulation
38. The Master Envelope
39. Transform Commands
40. Effects
41. Types of Effects
42. Using the Aetherizer
43. More About the Aetherizer
44. Effect Templates
45. LFOs
46. More About LFOs
47. Macros
48. More About Macros
49. More About the Performance Tab
50. Audio Modulation
51. Trigger Module
52. Creating An Absynth Effect
53. The Mutator
54. More About the Mutator
55. Supercomb And Cloud Filters
56. Audio Recorder
57. Using Programs
58. Thanks for Watching!

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