Cuptakes – desktop wallpapers for the girly girls

Cuptakes – desktop wallpapers for the girly girls

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• Special Note - For those with then new Mac OS El Capitan, there are a few bug fixes on the way that addresses the scrolling and design view issues. Thank you for your patience and everyone else who have not yet updated to the new Mac OS, all is good!
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Now over 500 designs to choose from!

Cuptakes is here to beautify the look of your Mac desktop by providing you with an exclusive girly girl selection of specially designed backgrounds. 


After the App Store opened, we always wanted to have a more girly selection of wallpapers for my desktop, iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, most of the wallpapers and apps out there are for the male world... we said.. what about the ladies?! With that, Cuptakes was born!

Cuptakes is loaded with fun, colorful, and very girly wallpapers just for the girly girls! If you've already downloaded the popular iOS Cuptakes App, not only can you match your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with the girly colors you so deserve, but now Cuptakes for desktop will tie it all together with beautiful custom and coordinating designs!

Cuptakes includes over 500 native resolution custom designed graphic wallpapers for your desktop in 10 different resolution sizes.

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“My beautiful wife just loves “girly” stuff, and so, I bought Cuptakes for her, and she is just delighted with the wallpapers! Best $5 I’ve spent on software in a while, and hey, this “manly guy” likes some of the wallpapers, too. The artwork is great and the designs and colors are beautiful. This is a “no-brainer” if your wife or girlfriend is a “girly girl.”
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• Original custom desktop wallpapers that are just for us girly girls.
• Cuptakes wallpapers matches the popular Cuptakes for iPhone and iPad!
• Currently has 500+ custom wallpapers for your desktop.
• Native Resolutions for the 9 most popular displays in the Mac community, and more.
• Easy to apply! Just double click and voila! Your wallpaper is set to the background!
• Auto Detect! Once the app opens, it will detect your screen size and your all set!
• Cuptakes for any preference along with Calendars that update monthly!
• Updates will include more seasonal and various other wallpapers.


Cuptakes has been natively custom designed for 10 popular different display sizes that are prevalent in the Mac ecosystem.

You may also have a display that is not a Mac display, but of course may fall under one of the many resolutions available. These resolutions according to make up nearly 70% of all screen resolutions today, and make up the majority of Mac display screens.


If you have any fun suggestions or need support, contact us at We'd love to hear your ideas!!
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Thank you for your ongoing suggestions of what you would like to see in Cuptakes! You really are making Cuptakes special! If you have a moment, please leave a review and let other potential users know about your experience!

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We hope you all are enjoying the start to Fall so far! Thank you for waiting for this next update, and know many of you have been anticipating the desktop update and we were really encouraged by those of you who were really excited about updates for the desktop, thank you!

We want to do more, but we need your help! We're a small team and your reviews literally dictate a big part of our ranking. If you could consider leaving a review with each update what Cuptakes means to you in a positive way, and help us understand what you're looking for, then that really, really helps us! Some are leaving 1-star reviews only sinking our rankings. If our rankings are low it's discouraging to spend so much time on designs with no reward. We hope that makes sense, so if you have time please support us so we can continue offering great designs more often!

In thanks, a poem from us to you . .
Flowers are orange and skies are blue,
It would't be the same without giving to you.
When the day is dreary & the mood is cold,
Thinking about all of you, makes us bold.
To design creatively and inspiring too,
Just know we love and appreciate all of you.

We're excited about this month's update and we hope you really enjoy them! We've sprinkled in a Fall feel and we hope you get the same sense we are for this time of year! You'll find a little glitter, gold, autumn colors, fall watercolor (fave :), and more! (Don't forget to match your iPhone and iPad with them too!)

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