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Image Multi-Tool

Image Multi-Tool

       Mac OS

Image Multi-Tool is a menu item which allows quick and fast edits to images without having to load up an extra image application. Just select images in the finder and apply the filters or converting of formats, or change sizes of one or many files at one time. The application comes with advanced features to tweak each individual image as needed. The application also converts PDF files and strips each page into images. Comes with Scanner support and camera support for quick image retrieval and adjustments.

CPU Monitor

Batch Rename of Files : Allows you to rename batches of files at the same time.

Convert Image To : BMP, JPEG, JPEG2, PICT, PNG, PSD, TIFF.

Advanced Color Picker to Hex color code with # or without #, to 8-Bit & 16-Bitcolor code, to BB color code, to html font code, div background code,body bicolor code.

Cropping of image by removal of specified number of pixels, by Proportions and by Resolution.

Framing Images

Padding Images by Aspect Ratio, by Resolution (left & Right), by Resolution (Top & Bottom).

PDF to Images Landscape & Portrait or custom page output.

Rotate Images by : 90Deg CW, 90Deg CCW, 180Deg, Horizontal, Vertical, and by full custom.

Scale Images By Shortest Side, By Width, By Height, By Pixels (Developer Sizes) & (Standard Sizes), Scale By Pixels Custom Sizes, and By Percentages.

Over 130+ Advanced Filters and Effects which include and are not limited to :

Addition Compositing, Affine Clamp, Affine Tile, Affine Transform, Area Average, Area Histogram, Area Maximum, Area Maximum Alpha, Area Minimum, Area Minimum Alpha, Bars Swipe Transition, Blend With Mask, Bloom, Box Blur, Bump Distortion, Bump Distortion Linear, Checkerboard Generator, Circle Splash Distortion, Circular Screen, Circular Wrap, CMYK Halftone, Color Blend Mode, Color Burn Blend Mode, Color Controls, Color Cube, Color Dodge Blend Mode, Color Invert, Color Map, Color Matrix, Color Monochrome, Color Posterize, Comic Effect, Constant Color Generator, Copy Machine Transition, Crop, Crystallize, Darken Blend Mode, Depth Of Field, Difference Blend Mode, Disc Blur, Disintegrate With Mask Transition, Displacement Distortion, Dissolve Transition, Dot Screen, Droste, Edges, Edge Work, Eightfold Reflected Tile, Exclusion Blend Mode, Exposure Adjust, False Color, Flash Transition, Fourfold Reflected Tile, Fourfold Rotated Tile, Fourfold Translated Tile, Gamma Adjust, Gaussian Blur, Gaussian Gradient, Glass Distortion, Glass Lozenge, Glide Reflected Tile, Gloom, Hard Light Blend Mode, Hatched Screen, Height Field FromMask, Hexagonal Pixellate, Highlight Shadow Adjust, Histogram Display Filter, Hole Distortion, Hue Adjust, Hue Blend Mode, Kaleidoscope, Lanczos Scale Transform, Lenticular Halo Generator, Lighten Blend Mode, Linear Gradient, Line Overlay, Line Screen, Luminosity Blend Mode, Mask To Alpha, Maximum Component, Maximum Compositing, Median Filter, Minimum Component, Minimum Compositing, Mod Transition, Motion Blur, Multiply Blend Mode, Multiply Compositing, Noise Reduction, Op Tile, Overlay Blend Mode, Page Curl Transition, Page Curl With Shadow Transition, Parallelogram Tile, Perspective Tile, Perspective Transform, Pinch Distortion, Pixellate, Pointillize, Radial Gradient, Random Generator, Ripple Transition, Row Average, Saturation Blend Mode, Screen Blend Mode, Sepia Tone, Shaded Material, Sharpen Luminance, Sixfold Reflected Tile, Sixfold Rotated Tile, Soft Light Blend Mode, Source Atop Compositing, Source In Compositing, Source Out Compositing, Source Over Compositing, Spot Color, Spot Light, Star Shine Generator, Straighten Filter, Stretch Crop, Stripes Generator, Sunbeams Generator, Swipe Transition, Temperature And Tint, Tone Curve, Torus Lens Distortion, Triangle Tile, Twelvefold Reflected Tile, Twirl Distortion, Unsharp Mask, Vibrance, Vortex Distortion, White Point Adjust, Zoom Blur

Embed Image Profile into Image, Remove Image Profile from Image, Extract Image Profile from Image

Scanner & Camera Support

What's new

Added Open File location in Terminal - Which opens a terminal window within the location of the file.

Added Open Terminal FTP in Items Location & Open FTP in Terminal

Optimizations and speed improvements. And Minor Bug Fixes


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