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Image Editor V12.0

Image Editor V12.0

Mac OS Graphics & Design

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Image Editor is an pixel art editor designed for working with low-resolution raster art, such as those 8-bit sprites found in old-school video games. With innovative features like a unique color palette system, patterns, layers, and high-zoom support, Image Editor packs all the tools pixel artists need in an intuitive, Mac-native interface. Image Editor also makes creating frame-by-frame animations fun and easy.

Animations – Create and arrange image frames in the filmstrip view to piece together animations; export animations as animated GIFs or even spritesheets!

Tools – Leverage Image Editor wide array of tools when composing pixel art: Pencil, Eraser, Eyedropper, Zoom, Rectangular Selection, Magic Wand, Lasso, Move, Fill, Line, Rectangle, and Ellipse.

Layers – Take advantage of the flexibility layers provide when working with complex pixel art.

Color Palettes – Add and organize commonly-used colors into palettes.

Patterns – Define custom patterns to use while drawing with the pencil, line, or eraser tool (instead of a single pixel).

Custom Backgrounds – Pick a flat, striped or checkered background (or even a custom image) to be drawn beneath the canvas.

Grid + Alignment Crosshair – Let the grid and the alignment crosshair guide you in placing pixels just where you want them.

Preview – While editing at high zoom levels, use the Preview window to view the canvas scaled out; play back animations in the Preview window.

Left and Right Tools – Assign a different tool to the left and right mouse button. For example: pencil on the left; eraser on the right.

Tablet Support – Pixen supports pressure-sensitive drawing tablets and maps pressure to color opacity.

Hotkeys – Customize tool hotkeys to ease the transition from other image editors.

Full Screen – Work with all your favorite tools in full screen mode on OS X Lion.


动画 - 创建并安排在导出动画的胶片拼凑动画的图像帧的GIF动画,甚至spritesheets!

工具 - 利用图像编辑器广泛像素的艺术创作工具:铅笔,橡皮擦,吸管,缩放,矩形选择,魔术棒,套索,移动,填充,线条,矩形和椭圆形。

图层 - 利用的灵活性层时提供的工作与复杂的像素艺术。

彩色面板 - 添加和组织常用的颜色到调色板。

模式 - 定义自定义模式时要使用的绘图铅笔,线条,或橡皮擦工具(而不是单个像素)。

自定义背景 - 选择下方的画布上绘制一个平面,条纹或方格背景(甚至是自定义图像)。

网格+对准十字 - 让网格和对齐十字引导您,您希望他们在将像素。

预览 - 编辑在高缩放级别,可以使用“预览”窗口中查看向外扩展的画布,在预览窗口中播放动画。

左,右工具 - 左,右鼠标按钮分配一个不同的工具。例如:在左侧的铅笔,橡皮擦的权利。

平板的支持 - Pixen支持压敏绘图板和地图的压力,颜色不透明度。

快捷键 - 自定义工具的热键来缓解从其他图像编辑器。

全屏 - OS X Lion的全屏模式下工作,所有您喜爱的工具。

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