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The Commander

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Prove your skills as military troops commander , combat to protect your base.

TheCommander is a FPS shooting game with with a strategy of command, you have troops with different weapons and skills, you can set the behaviour of your soldiers and weapons.

You also available to helicopters and planes to defend your base.

But beware of the enemies are well organised they also have helicopters planes and specialised troops.

You can also play online and fight against enemies both real team or alone players, you can also chat with them.

Game objective is to defend ammunition depot from the attack of enemies, the mission fails if the commander dies or the target is destroyed

In multiplayer - online game up to 8 players


Player weapons:
- Knife
- Blaser R93 ( Sniper )
- Deagle ( Gun Pistol )
- Grenade
- M79 ( grenade launcher )
- MP5KA4 ( Maschinenpistole 5)
- RPG ( rocket-propelled grenade )
- STW-25 ( machine gun )

Player troops:
- RPC armed
- Rifle Armed
- chasing enemies
- defence position
- attack helicopter
- Attack airplane

Enemies troops:
- RPC armed
- Rifle Armed
- attack helicopter
- Attack airplane

Ranking indicating the nationality of the players for each mission

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