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Three versions for iPad/iPhone and iMac.
iBridgeBest collects a lots of the best hands which includes:
1) The Best Played Hand of the Year (1974-2017)
2) The Best Defence of the Year(1985-2017)
3) The Best Play by a Junior(1996-2017)
4) The BOLS Brilliancy Prize(1977-1987)
5) The Best Play of the Year by a Woman(1985-1986)
6) 2011 hand of the week (40 deals)
7) 2012 hand of the week (40 deals)
8) 2013 hand of the week (40 deals)
9) 2014 hand of the week (42 deals)

1) A lots of the best hands. Loads and displays all deals from text file off line.
2) Four modes: demo, train, manual, AI.
Demo mode: The whole playing process trick-by-trick demo.
Train mode: Comments of each hands.
Manual mode: you can replay the hand by click the card, also in this mode, you can deal a new hand, play the hand, and save.
AI mode: you play the declarer and dummy's hand,computer play defenders. In this mode, you can test your play skill.


Open:Select a collection
Next Deal:Next deal in the collection
Priv Deal:back a deal in the collect
Auto Demo: Playing the deal automatically
Next Trick:Trick-by-Trick demo
Priv Trick:back a trick, Effect in Demo mode
Restart:Restart the deal.
Mode: Demo Mode , Train Mode, Manual Mode,and AI.
Private: open your own hands you have saved.
save: save your new hands.
Deal: in manual mode, you can deal a hand.

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