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"..As if from a troubled sleep you awaken in darkness, total and encompassing, and as you struggle, you feel stone above your head, a slab that gives way with a strong push to allow faint light to filter down on you. The air is damp, putrid almost, and as you rise and inspect your surroundings, you see that you are in what appears to be a burial chamber. Your tomb, you realize with a start, wondering fuzzily how you got here as your eyes scan the surroundings. The structure seems ancient, worn as if by centuries.

Sitting on the floor, as if it had been placed on the stone slab that had
lain over your body and knocked to the floor when you awakened, is a ring.
A gleaming ring, looking much like something you remembered the monks of the
Order wearing. On impulse, you slip it on, and a sudden awareness reaches
you from it, as if it had become a part of your body. With a flex of your
fingers, you send a searing bolt from the jewel set in the ring, smiting a
chip of stone from the ancient walls around you.

And suddenly, you hear a furtive rustling, a slithering in the darkness
beyond what seems to be your burial chamber. And with a chill, you know
that THEY are out there. Creatures like you'd read about in the scrolls.
Creatures like the one you'd seen on the battlefield. And not only do you
hear their presence... they sense yours..."

Blasphemer is dark fantasy game. Fight your way through hoards of magical beasts, wield a powerful magical arsenal against the dark world creatures invading the one time peaceful lands.

Featuring a visual style similar to doom era titles, and a fast rush to find the keycard game play, Blasphemer makes emphasis on fun over gritty realism.


- Medieval fantasy setting. A completely overlooked setting and style in first person shooter games nowadays.
- Creative, strange enemies, instead of the tired, generic soldier foes found in most fps modern games.

System Requirements:

Mac OSX 10.6 or later
Onboard graphics supported.
RAM: 128mb

Free 100mb HD space

Internet TCP/IP and LAN multiplayer supported.

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