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Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

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An unique, easy-to-learn and fun board game!

##Key Features
- Unique piece animations! You can see pieces really moving on the board!
- Retina display support
- Save game progress into iCloud, also integrated with Autosave and Versions.
- Challenging AI. Also easier level for beginners.
- Fullscreen

Animal Kingdom is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-play board game with beautiful graphics and animations. It's based on a traditional Chinese board game, Dou Shou Qi (斗兽棋). We didn't change the rules, but completely re-designed the look of the game! It is joyful by simply watching how pieces move around on the board.

It is a challenging game too, and you should feel proud if you can defeat our hard-level AI (we have never done that). Animal Kingdom is perfect for charging your brain in 5 minutes everyday, and you can resume the joy whenever you want.

We don’t play Chess, Go or other brain-consuming board games, but we do enjoy playing Animal Kingdom whenever we got 5 minuets. If you are like us, Animal Kingdom is the one for you.


斗兽棋是大家耳熟能详的传统中国棋类游戏。在我们的这款斗兽棋(英文名:Animal Kingdom)里,我们重新设计了棋子的造型,并赋与每个棋子独特的走棋动画;同时我们设计的原创的音效和背景音乐让整个游戏生动了起来!

- 独创棋子动画。你可以看到棋子在棋盘上动起来!
- 视网膜显示屏支持
- 保存进度到 iCloud 上,同时支持 Autosaving 和 Versions
- 富有挑战性的 AI,同时提供初学者模式
- 全屏幕支持
- Game Center 成就

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