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Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

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Mortgage Calculator now includes iCloud integration. Start mortgage calculation on MAC and finish it off on your iOS device. It works seamlessly.

If you are looking to buy a house, thinking of re-mortgaging or simply want to see how much it will cost you by trying out different scenarios then our Mortgage Calculator is the perfect companion for you.

Do you know how much you are borrowing or do you know the house price and know how much you can put down as deposit. No worries, our app will give you three options to choose from which will make it easy to calculate your mortgage. With a range of overpayment options to see how quickly you can pay off your mortgage is one unique feature of this app. Try out different scenarios and see for yourself.

First thing you would like to know is how much is your Monthly Mortgage Payment. Right...? This will be dispelled in red colour on the top along with other useful information. The app will show you break down by year and month to see exactly how much principle and interest you are paying. See how much equity you own after each year. Yearly breakdown will also show you side by side comparison of total amount owed and total equity after each year if you choose to pay overpayment. Make better decision by putting something aside each month and pay off your mortgage earlier.

Where do you live…? No problem, our app covers the whole world. It will pick up your local currency and other settings.


* Choose from three options in the settings
1- I know how much I am borrowing
2- I know house price and deposit percentage
3- I know house price and deposit amount
* This app uses settings for currency and supports all currencies. e.g. £,$,€ etc.
* Remember your last calculation values
* Repayment or Interest Only Mortgage
* Enter Mortgage term in exact no of years and months
* See how much you can save by making Overpayments
* Overpayment frequency (Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually, Annually)
* Yearly Breakdown of your Mortgage including amount owed and equity owned
* Monthly Breakdown of your Mortgage
* Graph representation of Mortgage burn down
* Graph also compares mortgage with overpayments
* Enter mortgage arrangement fee if any
* Export your Mortgage Result to a text file for later use
* Open calculator from within the app to do manual calculations
* Easy and simple to understand user interface
* Also available for iPhone

Thanks everyone for your feedback. For any comments or feedback please write to us at

What's new

Major update since release. We have added a lot more information to mortgage calculation which includes...

1- iCloud integration. Start mortgage calculation on MAC and finish it off on your iOS device. It works seamlessly.
2- Recurring Overpayment now have per month, quarterly, biannually and annualy.
3- Yearly breakdown now includes principle paid, interest paid, amount owed, equity owned, amount owed(after overpayment) and equity owned(after overpayment).
4- Monthly mortgage breakdown with principle paid, interest paid and amount owed.
5- Graph representation of your mortgage burn down. This also compares normal mortgage burn down and mortgage burn down with overpayment.
6- Improved information in export file


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