Image To Text Converter

Image To Text Converter

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Convert your image into Japanese text.


• Change the color of the generated text.
• Control the size of the generated text.
• Save the text to file.
• Print the generated text.

For Facebook sharing:

• select the smallest text image size because Facebook's text box has 37 character width.
• Facebook turns the color into black automatically so if you change the text color ,it would appear black in Facebook.

For printing:
•Select the largest text image size for best quality.

For best results:

•The imported Image should have a big variance in it's brightness (so if you are white guy wearing white clothes and the background is white , the result image will not be clear and so on)

• The more far you can go away form the screen ,the more clear the image would be.

If there's any issue, don't hesitate to contact us at

Have Fun!

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