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Anagram is a utility to Anagram text items from a list of paragraphs. Type or paste the list of text items you want to Find in the top box. Click the OK button to Anagram all occurrences from the list of items.

Anagram types include:
Anagram —Jumbles the letters within each word into a random order. Useful for creating puzzles. Hyphenated words are jumbled separately on either side of the hyphen. Clicking the arrow to face Up will jumble the Converted Text!
Butchers Talk — Reverses the letters of each word within a sentence. This is a common technique that Australian butchers use to point out when a good looking girl walks in or to direct an assistant to sell someone an alternative product, all without the customers being aware. Clicking the arrow to face Up will return the Converted Text to their original order.
L33T Speak — Replaces certain letters within a sentence to a numerical alternative. This is useful for creating passwords that are easy to remember, look like the original text and are more secure (A=4, B=8, C=(, E=3, G=6, H=#, i=1, L=7, O=0, P=9, S=5, T=+ and Z=2). Clicking the arrow to face Up will return the Converted Text to their original letters.
Pig Latin — Converts the text into Pig Latin. This is often used by children to speak to a friend openly but hide the meaning from other listeners. Each word starting with a consonant has that consonant moved to the end of the word with the sound 'ay' added to it. Words starting with a vowel just have '-way' appended. Certain grouped consonants such as 'qu' are moved together. You can also reverse the Pig Latin, but there is an ambiguity with words that originally started with a 'w'. Clicking the arrow to face Up will return the Converted Text to the original text.
Shift ASCII value — Moves the ASCII value of every character up or down by the selected amount. If you shift up one then 'A' becomes ‘B’; if you shift down -2 then 'G' becomes 'E', etc. Normal text characters are ASCII 32 to 127. Shifting any character to below ASCII 32 or above ASCII 127 may result in an unreadable and unrecoverable text. Clicking the arrow to face Up will return the Converted Text to their original characters.

clicking the Play button will speak the converted text word by word.
clicking the Option button will allow you to speak the original text, change the font size view the Preferences window and view the translations on Wikipedia.
clicking the Blue Arrow to reverse the translation. Note that not all the retranslations are exact.
clicking the Clipboard button will place the Converted text onto the clipboard.

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What's New

[Fix] Bug fixes
[New] Added new Wikipedia entries for alpha-grams, palindromes, Phone Keypad Numbers, Binary, Hexadecimal and Octal.
[New] Added the ability to copy the Converted text to the Source text window.
[New] Added the ability to jumble paragraphs (as well as words) into Anagrams
[New] Added the ability to sort paragraphs into Palindromes (letters reverses). We could already do this by word with Butcher’s Talk.
[New] Added the ability to sort words and paragraphs into Alpha-grams (letters sorted alphabetically)
[New] Added the ability to translate words into Phone Keypad Numbers
[New] Added the ability to view letters as their ASCII number, Binary, Description, Hexadecimal or Octal formats.
[New] Font size can now be up to 48 points.
[New] Improved the layout of the Wikipedia windows.
[New] Reconfigured screen layout to be horizontal
[New] Windows can now display full screen.

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