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Doce Nos

Doce Nos

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Are you sick of chalk dust? Do you find the smell of markers nauseating? Do you feel locked down by the rigidity of Keynote and PowerPoint? Are you annoyed by having to mirror your desktop just to do a demo? Do you feel ripped off having to pay hundreds of dollars a year for 3rd-party polling service when all you want to do is just a quick anonymous poll?

Even if you don't answer yes to any of these questions, Doce Nos (Latin for "Teach Us") will change the way you feel about what a presentation app should do. It allows you to handle the following situations without compromise.

1. In the middle of your presentation, you need to illustrate something on a writing board. Unfortunately, 3/4 of the board is covered by the projector screen and you can hardly squeeze a drawing into the remaining board space.

2. As part of your presentation, you need to show a demo of a photo editing app. So when the time comes for the demo, you switch to desktop mirroring only to find out that the screen resolution when matched to that of the projector makes it difficult to perform any nontrivial editing operation.

3. You need to show a slide with very fine details that can only been seen by the audience when zoomed in.

4. You have more than one set of PDF slides that you need to jump between easily.

5. You need to annotate over a live video while critiquing it.

6. You are an invited speaker at a facility that has virtually nonexistent Wi-Fi and cellular signal but you need to do a live poll in the middle of your talk.

7. You want to save what you have written.

8. Five minutes before your presentation, you realize that the projector is not working and the chalkboard has no chalk. However, almost everyone in the audience has a laptop or a tablet. Do you have a Plan B for your presentation?

Are many of the above situations fringe cases? Perhaps. But the fact is, technology is available to handle them. If you believe that every challenging situation is the beginning of a great learning opportunity, Doce Nos is for you. Now with the features of Do Ask (another of our Mac OS X app) built in, Doce Nos satisfies the most stringent demands of the mobile teachers and presenters.

Visit to find out more about Doce Nos and test drive it to see how it can help power your lectures and presentations.

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Improved compatibility for El Capitan for PDF import.

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