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The Penelope Rose Lite

The Penelope Rose Lite

Mac OS Education

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"Every click within this colorful tale unlocks magic and wonders, as its pop-out three-dimensional visuals will mesmerize kids and parents alike." - Apple as featured on the Mac App Store

The Lite edition is a free preview of the first seven pages of The Penelope Rose.

The premiere Peek 'n Play book from Mobad Games is a stunning 3D experience that will encourage reading and entertain your child with animations and interactivity on every exquisitely crafted page. The Penelope Rose is a magical fairytale of how roses were saved and fairies became the artists of the winged world. Enter a dazzling 3D world that can be experienced without the need for special glasses.

Also available for the iPad & iPhone!

Helpful Tips: Command+Q to Quit & Command+F to toggle full-screen.

What critics are saying:

★ The Babble 50 - Best Apps for Kids - 2011

★ "Mobad Games really thought of everything and implemented it brilliantly. Every one of the pages in this book is full of wonder, enchantment and breathtaking special effects. This book makes me want to have a scale that goes above 5-Stars. I give it my highest recommendation!" - Digital Storytime

★ "This is BY FAR the best storybook app we have seen. Both of my children enjoyed it very much!" - Homegrown Learners

★ "If you are looking for something fresh to engage young children with digital reading, The Penelope Rose is an ideal choice. Every detail is tailored to create an immersive, delightful experience your child will want to relive over and over." - AppAdvice

★ "We had so much fun exploring the book together. Painting the roses, flinging pixies and maybe Hunter’s favorite, touching the butterflies and they would go into the roses and say Ouch!. He was laughing hysterically at the point! Hunter was excited to show the book to Daddy when he got home, and Cory was duly impressed as well with the quality." - Being Alison

★ "This is a stunning app. There are just so many things to touch, move, animate and interact with, that it’s hard to believe they somehow crammed them all in! It’s actually pretty amazing and my kids were wowed by it." - The iPad Fan

★ "Penelope Rose is certainly a wonder to behold. The breathtaking imagery is what truly makes the story stand out. All of the interactive features are simply icing on the cake." - Toronto Teacher Mom

★ "My son and I really enjoy this story; it is creative and lovely. The illustrations are beautiful and rival those found in the most wonderfully drawn traditional story books. My son enjoyed tapping the clear roses as well as painting them in with many different colors." - GiggleApps

★ "It’s something you have to see for yourself… the scenery has such depth, it looks like you could reach your hand into your screen. As much as I enjoyed looking at The Penelope Rose, I liked the story itself even more." - The Greasy Screen

★ "Lush, fairy-filled tale with lots of interactive spots. 4 out of 5 stars." - Common Sense Media

★ "This beautifully illustrated and lovingly crafted adventure will likely keep younger children enthralled for quite some time. Every one of the eye-popping pages is a sight to behold." - iPad Creative

★ "The 3D feature really works and screenshots don’t come close to capturing the sharpness of the images." - The iPhone Mom

♥ Ultra-immersive 3D - No glasses needed!
♥ "Read To Me" highlights the words to improve reading skills
♥ "I Can Read" allows reading at your own pace
♥ Individual words can be tapped and multiple words selected to hear that section of the story played back
♥ Touch, slide, fling, fly, and paint to bring the pages to life
♥ Hints are available to discover all of the interactive features
♥ Painting the roses improves color recognition in younger children

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