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PedScope Gold

PedScope Gold

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PedScope Gold is a software tool for advanced pedigree analysis, with applications in captive breeding programmes for endangered species conservation and safe breeding practices within closed or small populations such as pedigreed livestock, cats, dogs, etc. It computes various pedigree metrics including: Wright's coefficient of inbreeding; ancestral inbreeding coefficients; generation numbers; ancestry metrics including #generations seen, #generations full, #unique ancestors, etc.; relation counts such as #offspring, #sibs, etc.; age-related metrics including generational age, age at death, age at first child, etc; various measures of genetic diversity including founder equivalents, founder genome equivalents, and the effective number of ancestors; mean kinships and kinship values. It can also perform detailed founder analyses for user-specified groups of individuals and report various details such as the proportion of genes present due to each founder, the genome uniqueness of each founder, and the percentage of each founders genes still present in the current population, and the influential ancestors of the group. Copes with pedigrees with up to 20,000,000 individuals.

Use PedScope to make mating recommendations for guiding breeding decisions e.g to maximize future genetic diversity within the ongoing population or minimize inbreeding.
It will also report statistics for groups of individuals, e.g. average inbreeding, or the maximum number of offspring, or the median longevity. These can be computed for each date period e.g. birth year. It generates detailed relations reports, such as ancestors and descendants, either for a single individual, or covering a group of individuals. Ancestor reports can include #occurrences, min/max generation seen, %blood, path length to common ancestors, kinship coefficients to each ancestor, names of founder ancestors, and partial inbreeding coefficients for founder ancestors.

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