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Multiplication is a 3-minute drill for kids learning their multiplication facts. Students move numbers into position to solve more and more challenging equations.

This app makes arithmetic fun. Kids try to achieve better, higher scores. Parents and teachers see that higher scores require quick, accurate answers.

The user experience is so simple, children know intuitively what to do: just click or drag numbers into position. The game is intended for children who are learning their multiplication facts. No other reading skills are needed. Multiplication's large numbers and buttons are accessible by kids with physical movement challenges. The audio effects are not essential to the game, so both deaf and hearing children can play.

Please note, Multiplication eventually reveals the correct answer by counting the objects on screen. For example, for the equation 3 times 7, the app will display 3 rows of 7 items and then methodically count the items. This is intentional. Students who do not know the answer see that counting 3 rows of 7 produces the answer. Later, the student will only be able to achieve new high scores by answering more quickly than the game can count objects. In other words, the student improves by calculating the answer faster than the game. Once the student knows the multiplication facts, counting the items becomes unnecessary.

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