Graphing Calculator 3D Plus

Graphing Calculator 3D Plus

Mac OS Education

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Plot high quality graphs of mathematical equations and data with this easy-to-use software. To plot a function simply type it down and the graph will be updated instantly after each keystroke. Its rich set of features include:

- Plot 2D & 3D functions
- Plot implicit equations
- Plot parametric equations
- Plot inequalities
- Plot 3D scatter points
- Plot contour graphs
- Generate tables of values
- Cartesian coordinates
- Polar coordinates
- Cylindrical coordinates
- Spherical coordinates
- Import csv & excel coordinates
- Import live data coordinates
- High precision computations
- 3D shading & glass effects
- Fast rotation & graph animations
- Simultaneous multiple graphs
- Define your own variables
- Change value of variables via sliders and see their effects on graphs
- Define your own functions (including recursive functions)
- Save graphs as high-resolution 3000x3000 pixel images
- Animate graphs

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What's New

Apply color configuration to all graphs.
Improve toolbar buttons icon.
Allow scientific notations input for UpDown spinners.
Fix seeing blank screen when switching to top/bottom/left/right views.
Fix parametric equations sometimes plotted as lines when the user requests points.
Fix presets so it applies visual attributes to current graph without changing graph type.
Fix import 4D csv file feature.
Fix occasional missing of 4th column in 4D table.

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