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Fast Rabbit Typing

Fast Rabbit Typing

Mac OS Education

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Letters, numbers, and words fall from above. You try to type them before they hit bottom. Fast Rabbit Typing includes 15 categories of practice, 3 difficulty levels, and 5 game play modes to help with typing practice. Improve your typing speed and accuracy with Fast Rabbit Typing.

Game play modes:

Drop 100 - In this game mode the game is over after 100 words have been released. This can result in any combination of typed and missed words totaling up to 100 words.

10 Hit Bottom - The game is over when 10 words hit the bottom. The computer will keep dropping words until 10 hit the bottom. This can result in lengthy games and high scores for skilled players.

Infinite Drop - The game is not over until the player clicks the END GAME button. A timer will count up from 0 in this mode and time will be included in results. This mode is great for extended practice.

3:00 Countdown - A timer will count down from 3 minutes to 0. Game is over when timer reaches 0.

5:00 Countdown - A timer will count down from 5 minutes to 0. Game is over when timer reaches 0.

Categories of practice: letters, numbers, letters and numbers, three letter words, four letter words, nursery rhymes, animals, music, sports, science fiction, Shakespeare, fruits and vegetables, technology, parts of the body, and countries.

Important Notes:

In relation to the initial user comment on this page dated 3/18/11:
- To quit a round of practice without shutting down the program choose END THIS ROUND from the FILE menu. Your current round of practice will end and you will be returned to the practice selection screen.
- All features in the program are complete and fully functional. We are unclear as to what you had in mind when you wrote "quite a few features need to be worked out".

If you have a question or concerns about this program, or would just like to share how you are using it or using it with students in your classroom, please send us an email at Thank you.

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