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Digital Production BuZZ

Digital Production BuZZ

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3-Hours of Digital Video Production Tricks by Larry Jordan! Stream the HD version of this tutorial at: &

Get a solid selection of new Video Editing tips & tricks every month, by Larry Jordan! A great grab-bag of skills you can apply to all your video projects.

Digital Video Production is a skill that takes time and practice to master. To help speed up your learning curve, we've hired Larry Jordan, a veteran video producer and educator, to show you his top tips & tricks for your video production workflow.

In this new tutorial you'll learn important skills like Picking the correct HD Video format for your productions, proper techniques for shooting HD Video, tips for recording great sound, lighting techniques, and much, much more.

Table of Contents:

01. Introduction
02. HD Video Formats
03. Image Sizes
04. Interlaced vs. Progressive Video
05. Choosing Between Interlaced and Progressive
06. Minimizing Camera Movement
07. A Production Secret
08. Focus and Depth of Field
09. Using Lens Filters
10. Make-up
11. Framing and Camera Angle Tips
12. Video Frame Rate
13. Don’t Use the Camera Mic
14. Watching the Audio Levels
15. About Audio Cables
16. Using Quality Microphones
17. Recording Technique Tips
18. What Type of Microphone to Use
19. Other Audio Recording Tips
20. Indoor Lighting Overview
21. Outdoor Lighting and Light Types
22. Lighting Summary
23. One More Trick
24. The Story
25. Tips on How to Build Your Story
26. Editing Tips
27. Planning and Organization
28. Hardrive Options
29. File Naming Structure
30. Project Organization
31. Camera Price Range and Lenses
32. Video Format and Sensor Types
33. Tripods and Tripod Heads
34. Renting Gear
35. Tripods, Progressive Video and Light
36. Depth of Field and Lens Filters
37. Achieving a Film-Like Look Summary
38. Three Types of Microphones
39. Microphone Characteristics and Frequency Response
40. Wireless vs. Wired
41. Microphone Recommendations
42. Lighting and Color Temperature
43. Types of Lights
44. Brands and Reflectors
45. Importance of a Master Copy
46. Image Size Reduction and Aspect Ratio
47. Considering Text and Compression Tips
48. More Compression Tips
49. HDV’s Strengths
50. Image Size and Progressive vs. Interlaced
51. HDV Frame Rates and Larry’s Tips
52. Small Screen vs. Big Screen
53. Industry Trends
54. Ergonomics, Interchangeable Lenses and Color
55. Lenses, External Timecode and Resolution
56. External Audio and Manual Controls

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