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Algodoo for Education

Algodoo for Education

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Start exploring physics with Algodoo for Education – Quick and easy experimentation in your science classes or at home.

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Algodoo for Education is just the perfect tool for exploring physics while having fun. In a simulated “real” world you can build, play and interact with “real” physics, making you learn by doing. Examine with graphs and visualization of forces, velocities and momentum or easily browse, load and create lessons from within Algodoo.

Find all educational features listed below. Algodoo for Education also includes all features from the popular Algodoo Physics app.

★ For exploring and analyzing

Algodoo for Education comes with an abundance of tools for experimenting, analyzing and educating in science.
✓ Request Plots to demonstrate exact changes in values and events in your scene
✓ View force arrows to help students understand friction, force, velocity, momentum and gravity’s effects on the things around us.
✓ Enhanced visualization with X/Y components for deeper analysis.
✓ Create, save and share your own lessons – either for your own personal use or for putting in the library for all Algodoo users to see and benefit from.
✓ View built-in lessons as well as those that other teachers have created and shared. Adapt them to suit your lesson requirements and complexity level. This saves time in lesson preparation as well as reduces the requirement for being an Algodoo expert in order to benefit from the program.

★ For teaching and learning

Algodoo for Education covers a huge variety of topics within the physics curriculum that are much easier for students to comprehend with the aid of simulation.
✓ Learn and teach about newtons law, kinematics, energy conservation, collisions, rotation, torque, angular momentum, fluids, optics, refraction and much, much more.
✓ Motivate and increase your students interest in science.
✓ Students themselves can “play” with the parameters and see the immediate results of their interaction.

★ For SMART Board and Interactive Whiteboards

Algodoo for Education is fully integrated and optimized for SMART Boards but also supports other whiteboard manufacturers systems.
SMART Board features:
✓ Multitouch supporting multi-user drawing, interaction and editing on SMART Boards
✓ Pen gestures for creating objects, interact with scenes and control simulations
✓ Full support for SMART Board pen colors, erasers and gestures

★ For quick and easy start up

Algodoo comes with built-in tutorials which step-by-step introduce you to all the tools and main functions. In the Algodoo for Education software you can also view a quick guide as to how to create and save your own lessons. Getting started is made even easier. If you want additional training and tips then watch some of the many videos and webinars that exist from links within Algodoo.

★ Algodoo for Education also includes all features from Algodoo Physics.

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What's New

✓ Plot now calculates (and visualizes) the integral on mouse-over.
✓ Added support for plotting acceleration and force for an object.
✓ Scene thumbnail preview in save window.
✓ Wind (available in air menu).
✓ Direction picker for gravity, wind and object velocity.
✓ Added the new skin Clean.
✓ A lot of bug fixes.

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