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As seen on TechCrunch & TUAW, TraductoPro is your One Stop Shop for  iOS And Mac App Localization.

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With the Apple user base spread throughout the world, localizing apps greatly expands app developers’ ability to increase sales and improve the user experience by supporting apps in the users’ native language. 

TraductoPro is the most advanced and most complete localization tool. It automates not only the Xcode localization process for iOS and Mac app but also helps developers manage their marketing efforts through localization. 

With our unique Macronization feature developers no longer need to manually add NSLocalizedString macros into their code. If you forgot add localization macros (a.k.a string-loading macros), when you select "Run Macronization" on the import screen, TraductoPro will
- scan your code for strings that may need localization,
- and give you the option to select which strings you want to make localized.
TraductoPro will then automatically inject the macros into your source code before importing your project, saving you lots of time.

In addition to localizing your iOS and Mac apps, TraductoPro gives developers and marketers the ability to localize their apps metadata for the AppStore including:
- app name
- description 
- keywords
- updates

TraductoPro goes one step further by giving you the ability to translate any type of content such as your app's press release, social posts, newsletters, marketing emails, etc.

But it does not stop there. TraductoPro provides a built-in human translation service powered by professional translators and gives you the ability to send and receive comments to and from translators during the translation process right from within the app. You can translate large amounts of content through a simple app ordering process, easy checkout and speedy delivery. Using English as the source language, TraductoPro provides four choices for content translation:

- Manual: You manually provide your own translation, using TraductoPro to manage the project.
- Standard: A native speaker translates the content.
- Professional: Translation is performed by degreed professional.
- Enterprise: Professional translation with proofreading (2 unique reviewers).

TraductoPro is a powerful and easy to use localization tool supporting three types of projects:

- Document Translation
- Xcode Localization
- App Store Information Localization (automatic via iTunesConnect)

The TraductoPro application for iOS and Mac makes it simple for developers to localize their application. Developers can get 34 different language translations for their strings, manage their Xcode projects and App Store information translation projects. TraductoPro localizes the entire application, including software, help files and documentation. It also extracts strings from the Interface Builder.

For developers, you can import existing content or start from nothing using TraductoPro. The application allows developers to create and organize content, translate the content, keep track of the changes, add new sections to the project and download updated files for placement in their app. The app significantly decreases the developers’ time to market, saving time and money in development costs.

“Localizing applications is usually a painful last step for developers. TraductoPro is designed to reduce that pain and make localization an integrated part of managing any Mac app development effort,” says Leigh Dow, spokesperson for Visual Frames, LLC.

Now in a single tool you can manage all your apps translations and localizations. No more need to manually extract strings, find translators and send them manually for translation. TraductoPro does it all for you in a single interface. 

You can find out more about TraductoPro features at
Twitter: @TraductoApp

What's New

Fixed language pair issue that occasionally caused project to not recognize the default language and therefore preventing from adding translation languages to the project dashboard.

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