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JSON Class Generator

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generates Objective-C source code from the classes and enums that you define in the editor. The source code has methods for converting/parsing to/from JSON.

*** Tutorial and Sample Project available at https://lifted.software ***

The generated code for a sample class 'MyClass' would contain the following methods:

/// initializing a class from a NSDictionary (JSON representation)
- [MyClass initWithDict:]

/// converting to NSDictionary (JSON representation)
- [MyClass toDict]

// initializes the class with sane values
- [MyClass init]

The generated code is type safe, yet fast (no use of introspection). It makes your client robust against all kinds of invalid structured responses from backends by always returning structurally sound data - providing fallback values, if necessary.

The tool has accelerated the development of commercial iOS and Mac applications since late 2014 including one of Europe's fastest growing internet ventures. It has been continuously tested and improved after encountering weird circumstances in practice. A few million network requests later, you can now reap the rewards and buy a rock solid solution that will ease your life, when it comes to dealing with JSON in your application.

Editing the models in the UI is a cinch compared to using one of the many libraries for mapping JSON to Objects. You don't have to write any code yourself anymore.

If you do want to write code by hand and if you want to go for a library as your solution, make sure that it is easy to use, can deal with malformed responses well and has error reporting. Does it convert models back to JSON (if you need it) and does it have many significant open issues? (Often you can check this on github.)

Make the Decision!
Free yourself from writing glue code. Describing an API is always easier than implementing one, especially if you later want to do modifications. Be the architect! Try it out! What can you loose? Download the free trial version from our website !

Trial Version
The trial version does work for a limited time, before requiring activation. It does not come with any other limitations. You can of course keep the code, that you have generated during the trial period. There is also a tutorial and a sample project on our website.

You will LOVE it!
This tool will save you hours of your precious time! Waste no more effort on implementing models and debugging server responses!
By the end of the trial period it will have saved you already a multiple hours of work. If you buy it, it will continue to save you more hours, days and even weeks of your developer time!

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