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Vim is a highly customizable and extensible text editor.
It was originally built to work in the terminal.
It is lightweight, portable and starts up quickly.
Vim was chosen as a default terminal text editor
by many OS distributions including macOS.
For example git on macOS uses Vim by default when it asks to write a commit message.
The Vim text editor is a mature software developed since 90-s.
It has a lot of fans who value its stability, compatibility
Vim has a long history since 1990-s and a well-established fan base.
It is known for stability, high backwards compatibility
and presense on many systems.


Neovim is an evolution of Vim.
It adds improvements upon the Vim extensibility features.
Neovim wraps the Vim core text editor component
and exposes it for application and plugin authors.
The original Vim used to work in the terminal without GUI.
Neovim bridges such UI and the Vim engine.


DinVim uses Neovim to package the Vim engine as a native macOS application.
The DinVim UI follows the macOS interface guidelines to provide seamless native experience.
The App Sandbox technology imposes restrictions on the application
which lead to improved security and expected predictability of a text editor application.

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