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CCMenu displays the build status of projects on a continuous integration server as an item in the Mac's menu bar. Or in other words, CCMenu is to OS X what CCTray is to Windows.

CCMenu allows you to:
- Monitor selected projects on multiple continuous integration servers
- Identify the overall build status with a glance to menu bar
- See the status of individual project builds in the status menu
- Access the build web sites of the projects using the status menu
- See detailed build status information in the projects window
- Receive notification of completed builds via Notification Center

CCMenu works with CruiseControl, and with CircleCI, Jenkins, Snap CI, TeamCity, ThoughtWorks Go (gocd), and Travis CI. It should work with any continuous integration server that can provide status in the “cctray” XML format.

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What's New

* Projects can now be given a display name that is shown instead of the name the project has on the Continuous Integration server.
* CCMenu now registers its own URL schemes. This makes it possible to create links on webpages that, when clicked, will open CCMenu and show a prefilled list of projects to add (see website for details).
* When adding or removing projects, the build timing for other projects is now retained.
* It is now possible to use a proxy when accessing CI servers that require authentication. Attempting this before triggered a bug in Apple's libraries, and this version of CCMenu adds a workaround for that bug.

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