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Drag-and-drop creation of lower-resolution image assets for your iOS and Android apps.

Quickly downscaling high resolution images isn't a replacement for the fine art of iconography but in some cases an image is just an image (no matter what the size).

Assets is here to help you out in those situations.

How it Works

1. Design and build your apps using the high resolution versions of your images.
2. Hand craft any low-resolution version you want to customize yourself.
3. Drop your project onto Assets drop zone window or app icon.

In an instant, any missing low-resolutions assets will be created for you and placed alongside their high resolution counterparts.

NOTE: If the low resolution file already exists Assets will happily skip converting that file so you don't have to worry about accidentally overwriting your hand crafted low resolution versions.

* For iOS Projects

Assets scans your project's .xcodeproj file for any @2x retina images (such as smile@2x.png) and then downscales them to create their non-retina equivalents (smile.png). The new files will be created along side the high resolution version so you'll always know where they are.

At the moment, the new files are NOT added directly to the .xcodeproj file so you'll still have to add them yourself.

* For Android Projects

Assets scans your project's res directory and converts xhdpi, hdpi, mdli and ldpi drawables into their lower equivalents using the android 3:4:6:8 scaling factors. If you have multiple qualifiers on your drawables such as land or night then Assets will automatically take care of creating additional resolution equivalent drawable directories.


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