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OfficeHaven is a collection of five HMS modules into one program. It provides an integrated set of tools to help manage your files, your clients, your money, your messaging and your screens while both in the office and remotely. You may find it easier to manage just one application if you decide to use more of the HMS modules.

Storage on Cloud Required
Please note that this product stores your data on the HMS servers. While measures are taken to ensure the protection of your data during transfer and storage, no cloud storage can be guaranteed 100% secure. Please do not put sensitive, personal or confidential data into this product. Backup regularly and change your password periodically.

At its core DocHaven is a program that organises your documents into projects. It stores these projects in a virtual library. When you need a project you log in as a user and take it out of the library. When you've finished with a project you put it away — back into the library. Plus it keeps the latest ten versions of your projects should you need to go back. The library can be on your one computer, shared on your LAN or even on the ‘Cloud’. But DocHaven is much more…

Many offices have to involve staff in the transfer of goods, but don’t want the security risk of handling actual cash. CashHaven gives staff a dual password system to make payments, set new balances or receive receipts by reducing an individual’s quota of cash until it is all spent. It is as simple as it is effective.

CRMHaven lets you enter, clean and manage your client data ready for shared access and campaigns. Once a client record is updated, everybody sees the new information. Clients can be mailed, emailed, mapped or exported at any time. The entry is modelled on a spreadsheet so most fields can be edited directly, or double-clicked for entry into a form. Pre-defined fields allows the elimination of data entry inconsistencies.

Messaging between staff is essential, but most people don’t want the hassle of managing email accounts. TwitHaven lets you contact staff by their name alone with a threaded message going to both TwitHaven and their SMS or email system as determined by the recipient. Messages can be delayed, dismissed or retrieved at any time. The focus is on sending short text-only messages that inform staff of the full discussion without disruption.

ScreenHaven is a one-to-many desktop screen sharing application. It is designed to be a partner to a telephone conference (i.e. TeleKit) to reduce the need for travel. It takes periodic images (whole screen shots, sections or areas surrounding the mouse) and stores them on the server for use within a remote meeting. These screen shots, along with comments can be saved as a record of a meeting.

What's new

[Fix] Fixed a problem where the Preferences would freeze on opening.
[Fix] Fixed a problem where the EmailBody and EmailHTML text would not view the returns properly.
[Fix] Many bug fixes.
[Fix] More efficient GroupUsers and GroupManagers
[Fix] Threads no longer access the User Interface.
[New] Adding Events now works for CRMHaven, DocHaven and ScreenHaven. These can be viewed in a new Events window.
[New] Documentation in PDF and iBook format
[New] Logged in User Name is now shown on the menu window.
[New] New icon scheme for each major app and OfficeHaven itself.


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