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iEtiqueta BRASIL

iEtiqueta BRASIL

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Did you think that Macs could not print barcode labels? iEtiqueta is the Mac Os X app built to make your life easier when dealing with barcode labels.

This app's goal is to be an easy to use solution for barcode labels.

You can pick a label size among a determined set most used in retail.

iEtiqueta can also generate dozens or hundreds of labels applying a particular ID number to each label.

If you are a graphics artist, or are looking for an app that will allow you to pick a barcode type among various types, or edit meticulously the position and size of your text, THIS APP IS NOT FOR YOU. iEtiqueta was conceived to be an easy to use app, and so it only supports the most common labels in retail and industry.

At this release we are supporting labels:

100 x 50 mm
60 x 40 mm
50 x 30 mm
Attendance Cards according to the DIMEP - Brazilian Standart.

Please note that iEtiqueta BRASIL does all the page and margins set up process, automatically, before printing for you, simplifying the task of printing labels.

iEtiqueta also, comes with a tutorial aimed to guide you through the process of adding a ZEBRA® or similar printer to your Mac, and many tips on how to use it.


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