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The Philosophy Of Hinduism :- Four Objectives Of Human Life

The Philosophy Of Hinduism :- Four Objectives Of Human Life

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The Philosophy Of Hinduism :- Four Objectives Of Human Life
by J.M. Mehta

Four Objectives Of Human Life :-

Dharma (Right Conduct)
Artha (Right Wealth)
Kama (Right Desire)
Moksha (Right Exit{Liberation})

The book basically deals with philosophy of Hinduism which consists of four main objectives that can be achieved only in this life on earth, and none other.

On the basis of the study of ancient spiritual thoughts, the author has made an honest endeavor to briefly explain the contents of these objectives and how to achieve them.

Human life is a priceless gift of God and has a divine purpose. It should not be wasted in mundane pursuits.

This is a must-read for all sensible persons who are striving to know the true purpose of their existence on earth.

About The Author :-

The author, J.M.Mehta has been devoting much of his time in reading and writing.

He has a deep interest in spirituality in general, and in ancient Indian philosophy in particular.

In spite of his advanced age and health problems, he is engaged in the regular study of scriptures relating to Hinduism.

Having built up a treasure house of thoughts, writing on related topics has become a mission of his remaining life.

The style of his writing is simple and concise.

Pustak Mahal has already published two of his books, The Wisdom of the Gita and Essence of Maharishi Patanjali’s Ashtang Yoga, both are worth reading.

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