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Sutra & Buddha & Buddhism tone

Sutra & Buddha & Buddhism tone

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This software introduces the Buddhism culture and origin separately from Buddhism music, Buddhism pictures, scriptures, stories, ceremony and culture. Study of Buddhism can promote moral, purify the soul, develop the wisdom and promote the personality. If you want to get these aims, start with this software!
Music includes Eighty-eight Great Buddha Repentance, Hundreds of Filial Piety, The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra Fanchang, The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra, Tibetan Great Dharani light edition, Zen Tea Blindly, Zen Temple Bells(Guzheng), The Great Dharani, The Sutra Bodhisattva Vow to Verses and so on. There are more than 100 classical Buddhism songs.

Pictures separately sorts the Bodhisattva, the icons, the Buddhist figures the Buddhist scenery and so on. This part has carefully collected tens of thousands of beautiful and solemn Buddhist pictures.

Scriptures contain the Vajracchedika-Sutra, the Avatamsaka-Sutra, the Earth Store Bodhisattva, Amitabha-Sutra and so on. We believe that this series of famous and practical sutras will provide the Buddhist faith with convenience indeed.

Stories collected the philosophical stories, the Buddhist causal stories, the stories of Buddhist scriptures, the Buddhist classical stories, the stories of Buddhist legends and so on. We provide this product with a hope that you can get some insights on life and enlightenments from it.

Buddhism culture introduced the Buddhist classic contexts, the Buddhist ceremonies, the Buddhist origin, the Buddhist message, the Buddhist festivals and other related knowledge. This software will make you become a qualified Buddhist faith in short time.

Introduction of Use

First, click this software into the main interface. This software is divided into five categories: Buddhist music, Buddhist pictures, Buddhist scriptures, Buddhist stories, and Buddhist culture.

Click the Buddhist music. You can see the musical list in the bamboo form. Arbitrarily click a song and a dialog box where there are there buttons: Collection, Switch on and off will arise.

Click the Buddhist pictures. The top of this part has five buttons: Back, Buddha statue, Buddhist figures, Fawu objects, Buddhist scenery. The button of Back means to return to the main interface. If you click the other buttons, you will enter into the next interface and specifically see a type of pictures. On the bottom of this interface there are five buttons: Back, Introduction about picture, Slide show, Preview the wallpaper effect and Download.

Click the Buddhist Scriptures. You arbitrarily click one of the scriptures and enter into a text interface. You can horizontally slide to view the contents of the scripture. The button in the upper left corner can return to the scriptures list interface.

Click the Buddhist stories and entre into the story interface. You just click one of the stories and in the next interface you can read it. Sliding in the lower right corner can turn into next page. The button in the upper left corner can return to the stories list.

Buddhist culture’s operation ways are similar with Buddhist stories.

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