Stop Drinking and Stop Smoking Now Hypnosis

Stop Drinking and Stop Smoking Now Hypnosis

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The quick and easy way to end your drinking and smoking habits with hypnosis, affirmations and videos.

Binge drinking is defined as drinking an excessive amount of alcohol in a short amount of time. It may be that you only drink this way on the weekends and then function at top capacity during the working week without any alcohol at all. Or you may have a more serious drinking problem.

Most common symptoms are loss of energy, minor depression, loss of motivation, anxiety and social withdrawal. It is interesting how so few regular drinkers make the connection between their alcohol intake and problems in their lives.

Even this cyclical pattern of drinking can be damaging and can be stopped with a new mindset – one that can be achieved through hypnosis. Some people engage in binge drinking deliberately. Many, however, find themselves caught in patterns of thinking and behaviour that they would rather change. Whatever the reasons for your binge drinking it is possible to help you to change by using hypnotherapy and meditation.
Using a combination hypnotherapy and meditations we aim to be able to 'reprogramme' the behaviour and make the experience of learning to control the consumption of alcohol a liberating experience.

Affirmations and exercise are made for each other. As you work your body, the affirmations infuse your mind with added impact. After just a few workouts with this recording, you will experience the affirmations as regularly recurring thoughts in your mind. This track is designed specifically for a 15-minutes.

You want to stop smoking and drinking, but you need the motivation to keep yourself on track. Stop Smoking Now Cardio Affirmation is specifically written to help you begin seeing yourself as a non-smoker and capable of kicking the habit.

This track is designed to help you focus the power of your mind on overcoming your perception of yourself as someone who smokes and the physical nicotine cravings. The affirmations are backed by pulsing exercise music that motivates you to push through the affirmations and your workout to a smoke-free life and personal fitness.

The track contains two primary affirmations repeated multiple times in both the first person and second person for maximum effectiveness. The primary affirmations are mixed with the repeating interludes "Non-smoker" which repeats 30 times and "Winning the Battle" which repeats 15 times throughout the track and .

The primary affirmations are:

1.Beginning today I am a non-smoker and non-drinkier. Beginning today you are a non-smoker and non-drinker. (Repeats 22 times)
2.Nicotine and alcohol are strong, but I AM stronger! Day by day, I am winning the battle! Nicotine is strong, but you ARE stronger! Day by day, you are winning the battle!

Ray Davis, Founder
The Affirmation Spot (Website)
"Because a better life begins one empowered thought at a time."

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