Prof. McMurphy: Subliminal Hypnosis Affirmations

Prof. McMurphy: Subliminal Hypnosis Affirmations

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Are you struggling to find a sense of inner calm? Do you want to connect with the physical realm on a mental level? It’s time that you accepted the simplicity of nature and your very being! Yes, you can finally, once and for all, come to some form of peace with yourself.

Whether or not you are an expert on the subject of meditation, mindfulness, hypnosis, positive thinking, and the law of attraction, you can always tap into some reliable methods to supercharge your life. If you are here, and you’re asking yourself whether you really have the life you want, then you have not fully embraced all that there is to be embraced through the art of meditation, self-help and self-understanding. To truly heal yourself, you must connect to yourself at a mental level.

If you want a way to start helping yourself TODAY, then Professor McMurphy can show you the way through his new app.

McMurphy has created an app which is all about infusing the 8 crucial elements of meditation and self-help: Self-hypnosis, Subliminal, Positive affirmations, Hypnotic voice, Relaxing games, Isochronic, Color therapy and Inspirational quotes in your life.

Whether you’re experienced in these areas or entirely new to the subject, the app can help you keep up your current routine or enter this foreign, exciting, new world!

Would you like to live your dream life and colorfly your goals? It's easy! How? Using innovative affirmations, hypnosis subliminal, isochronic tones, mindfulness tools, head space meditation, anxiety relief games, Doreen Virtue, and other tools. If you have ever listened to Abraham Hicks, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Tony Robbins or Napoleon Hills, you already know: Mindfulness is an art. You can master mindfulness. Let the colorfly pours on your life with Zen habits, isochronic tools, affirmations, head space meditation, anxiety relief games and more.

This 5th generation app is all set to bring a revolution; it took 12 years of R&D to Alain Villenave to creating this wonderful app. Being a firm believer of law of attraction and a great fan of Abraham Hicks, Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra and Napoleon Hill, we invested a lot of his time and money. You don't have to master any hypnotize technique. This wonderful app will do it for you with awesome tools such as head space meditation, zen habits, Doreen Virtue, headspace experience & more.

Let us ask you something! Do you have some goals in your life? Do you know how to achieve those? Our one-of-a-kind affirmations, anxiety relief games, head space meditation, hypnosis subliminal, headspace experience, Doreen Virtue and Zen habits will make it happen. Yes, you can hypnotize and colorfly your life again by putting these tools into action… and live like Abraham Hicks, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Tony Robbins or Napoleon Hills!

We can give you about dozens of important elements which include affirmations, anxiety relief games, headspace, hypnosis subliminal, isochronic, Doreen Virtue mindfulness and Zen habits composing our lives. Some of which we give importance when we shouldn’t! And some of which we trivialize when they are perhaps more important than anything else. Key to all of this is the vitality of simply listening to the body; hypnotize yourself and monitoring one’s own breathing. This is something we should all remember to do more.

You will get a way to approach or embrace money, love, happiness, success and other aspects of life that can bring you peace if you understand their true purpose to a balanced life. Remember, you have the potential to become Abraham Hicks, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Tony Robbins or Napoleon Hills! Yes, you can achieve all your goals and colorfly your life.

=== Give it a try, grab it today ! ===

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What's New

What's so special in this new version?

- The most-awaited and important update since the launch of Professor McMurphy app
- Stylish overhaul of the app
- Tantalizing UI and a gamy style

Exceptional features such as:

- 50+ topics related to money, love, being happy, success and more
- Tantalizing app; 45+ hypnotic visuals
- One-of-a-kind 10+ relaxing music with Isochronic
- 6 Remarkable relaxing mini games
- Hours of hypnotic voice based on the “I remember” techniques
- Hundreds of glorious inspirational daily quotes
- Proven color therapy drawings
- Quick tracking of your progress in app
- An innovative technique of customizing to fully match to your personal needs
- Just 5 minutes a day is sufficient to get fast results
- Fun-loving experience

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