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Professor McMurphy Subliminal Visual Messages with Binaural Isochronic Music for Hypnosis & Subconscious Programing

Professor McMurphy Subliminal Visual Messages with Binaural Isochronic Music for Hypnosis & Subconscious Programing

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Professor McMurphy Subliminal Can Improve Up To 50 Aspects Of Your Life In Just 5 Minutes A Day—Subliminally!!

If you’re the person who wants to change various aspects of your life—whether you want to build your bank account, improve your grades, or get in top physical shape—but you can’t seem to keep motivated long enough to get results, this app is for you!

It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 years old or 80, imagine how great you will feel when you finally eliminate your sugar addiction, lose weight, increase your wealth, get over your ex, get rid of your fear of flying, improve your sports performance, cure your erectile dysfunction, and much, much more. Fortunately, you can do all of these things in just minutes a day just by using the Professor McMurphy app!

With the Professor McMurphy app, you can choose up to 11 different visuals, 8 isochronic music tones, and from more than 50 different life-improving topics to send messages to your subconscious mind, where they will inspire a permanent change. That means that you can drastically improve any area of your life while engaged in an activity that is not only effortless, but relaxing and enjoyable!

Developed by Alain Villenave, a successful entrepreneur and investor, Professor McMurphy uses one of the most powerful techniques (called subliminal visuals) to effectively target your subconscious mind. Essentially, by watching hypnotic animations for just 5 minutes a day, you will condition your subconscious mind to change permanently for the better.

Everyone has 5 minutes to spare, so why not make them count and use an app that can help you become the person you want so desperately to be?

In fairness, you can find various subliminal apps and DVDs on the market today, but Professor McMurphy is the ONLY app that uses subliminal visuals to change your subconscious mind. Other techniques use subliminal audios, but they don’t impact your subconscious as much as visuals do.

Plus, these other techniques can cost you a fortune. For instance, a therapist charges around $150 per session, and you will likely need multiple sessions to have the same impact that Professor McMurphy brings you in just a week or two.

While the Professor McMurphy app is new for Mac and Android platforms, it has already won many hearts on the iOS platform. In fact, over 25,000 people have used this life-changing app and they’ve just loved it!

Realistically, Professor McMurphy is worth $2,500, which was the cost of this app on the iOS platform just mentioned. But considering that the motive of the app is to serve the world, we have now made it available to you for FREE!

This makes Professor McMurphy the most cost effective solution on the market. Additionally, it is more relaxing, faster working with less effort, and many times more effective as it creates an impact deep in your subconscious, so it lasts forever!

Here is what some of our loyal Professor McMurphy users have had to say about our products:

“I have several subliminal and/or affirmation apps, but this one is simply the best! Love the personalization features, and the other visuals. It's worth every penny!”
— kmichaelj25, United States

“One week!... ONE week and already this app has paid for itself. I will continue to use it daily, however for two months. It’s absolutely amazing!”
— Allysmum, United Kingdom

Don’t waste any more time, and begin to experience miraculous changes in your life, beginning today. Download Professor McMurphy’s subliminal visual app right now and take a step towards a better life. A step towards a better YOU!

***Click on the GET button NOW and see firsthand what Professor McMurphy can do for you!***

What's new

What's New in Version 4

Version 4 is a mixture of the Professor McMurphy features you’ve come to know and love, along with some new and innovative improvements designed to make this app even better than it was before!

50 topics for the cost of one. No more buying and downloading several different apps because Professor McMurphy offers you all 50 topics for the price of one. Just sit back and enjoy the numerous results this one awesome package provides!

Here is the list of the self-improving themes you have access to when you choose Professor McMurphy:

• Eliminate Your Headaches & Migraines
• Lose Weight Permanently
• Keep the Weight Off
• Get (And Stay) Motivated to Exercise
• Become a Healthy Eater
• Abolish Your Sugar Addiction
• Quit Smoking
• Remain a Non-Smoker
• Conquer Your Addiction to Alcohol
• Stay Sober
• Sleep More Peacefully
• Become a Better Golfer
• Improve Your Sports Performance
• Release Your Stress & Tension
• Overcome Drug Addiction
• Remain Substance Free Forever
• Increase Your Motivation to Achieve Your Goals
• Improve Your Organizational Skills
• Manage Your Time Effectively
• Become a Morning Person
• Tap Into Your Creativity
• Eliminate Writer’s Block
• Become a Great Public Speaker
• Find True Happiness
• Increase Your “Luck”
• Improve Your Self-Esteem
• Become More Outgoing
• Ease Your Worries
• Learn to Exude Beauty
• Eliminate Your Fears (Flying, Small Spaces, Blood, Water)
• Find the Woman of Your Dreams
• Find the Man of Your Dreams
• Get Over Your Ex
• Learn How to Seduce Anyone
• Find the Fountain of Youth
• Increase Your Sexual Desire
• Obtain Sexual Fulfillment (For Him & Her)
• Solve Your Erectile Dysfunction
• Boost Your Virility
• Make New Friends
• Develop Magnetic Charisma
• Build Your Wealth
• Increase Your Income
• Spend Money More Wisely
• Become More Confident at Work
• Become a Powerful Executive
• Eliminate Your Fear of Failure
• Eliminate Your Fear of Success
• Become a Successful Student
• Get Healthy and Clear Skin
• Learn a New Language Easily

Available on All Mobile Platforms. This version of Professor McMurphy is available on all three major platforms: iOS, Android, and Mac.

Faster Self Improvement Results. With the previous version, you could only focus on one aspect of your life at a time, but this version allows you to improve up to 3 aspects of your life at once, providing faster and more effective results.

Personalization Available. You choose which subliminal animations and isochronic music will be played, and for how long for each of the selected themes. This personalization appeals more to your subconscious, leaving a lasting impression.

Improved Technology. Professor McMurphy uses high-end technology to supply effective visual subliminal messages, providing faster and deeper-reaching life improvement results.

Enhanced User Interface. The improvements made in version 4 make this app easier and more enjoyable to use.

Higher Optimization. Version 4 is optimized for the latest mobile and tablet technologies supporting a wide array of mobile platforms. It is also compatible with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3.

Improved Feedback System. Improvements in our feedback system allow you to share your thoughts in an effort to help us create an app that delivers all of the functions you desire, and none of the ones you don’t.

If you’re ready to transform your life and become the person you’ve always wanted to be, download Professor McMurphy TODAY!!!


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