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Priority Tracker

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Priority Tracker allows you to select life categories that are important to you, such as career, finance, relationships, and health, assess yourself in each area, take actions to improve, and track your results.

Categories are the basic building blocks of Priority Tracker. Each category represents a specific facet of your life that you want to track. For each category, you can set the category's priority, how well you think you are performing in that category (assessment), and how well you want to perform (goal).

Once you have selected your categories to track, you can assess how important each category is (i.e. priority), how well you are doing, and your overall goal for each category. This is done by opening the category’s detail page (by selecting the expansion button associated with the category) and setting the appropriate values using the slide bars provided.

In order to improve yourself in the categories that matter to you, Priority Tracker allows you to create actions that you can take to improve and reach your goal. The “Actions” tab provides an overview of all the actions you have identified for improvement. Each action is associated with a category and can be accessed through the category’s detail page as well as directly through the actions tab.

To fully understand how well you are performing to your goals and values, the Priority Tracker Wheel allows you to chart your priorities, and cycle through your historical inputs. The Priority Tracker Trend view allows you to view your priorities, goals, and assessments graphically, on either a pie chart or bar graph. On the pie chart, category width is proportional to priority and the shaded area is proportional to your self assessment. A black line is drawn on the chart to show your goal in each category. You can swipe your finger left or right to change the date currently being viewed, allowing you to quickly navigate through your assessment history.

You can switch to the bar graph view by updating your user preferences in the Preferences view. Width of the categories on the bar chart are proportional to the category's importance, and the height of each bar represents how close you are to achieving your goal in that category.

On both the bar graph and the pie chart, you can quickly hop into any category's details by simply clicking in the colored region for the category.

Priority Tracker also calculates your "Progress" against your goals. This numerical value allows you to determine if you are progressing or regressing towards you ultimate goal. Your "% progress" calculation shows you how well you assess yourself vs the goals you've set.

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