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Many of us strive for liberation from rebirth or saṃsāra. A few of us would strive for achieving heavenly pleasures. This app will be a great aid in achieving these goals. Through a simple Japa Mala (rosary), this app provides you an easy way to track your progress towards the desired goal. There are several Mantras stated in Hindu Puranas and Upanishads to achieve a particular target. Examples are Om Nam Shivaya, Ram Krishna Hari and so on. Besides these, there are several specific Mantras to please particular planetary gods, such as Ravi, Mangal, Shani, etc. You recite Ravi Mantra 6000 times, and Shani Mantra 19000 times, to please those respective gods. As you recite any of these or other mantra using this app, you keep track of the average time it takes to recite the Mantra. The app then provides you an estimate of how many days/hours of additional chanting required to meet your target goal, based on which, you will be able to plan your everyday meditation.

Though the app is developed keeping Hindu Spirituality on mind, it may be easily adapted for meditation by followers of other religions like Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism, Muslims, and others.

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Now you can set the Mala count for your target. Additionally, a few UI changes and updates for new APIs done.

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