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Meditation - Shinzen Young

Meditation - Shinzen Young

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Scientific studies show that meditation can reliably increase your mental clarity, reduce fatigue, and improve physical health. And the best part? Starting is not as hard as you may think. With the Meditation: A Beginner’s Guide to Start Meditating Now app, expert teacher Shinzen Young presents a clear, easy-to-follow program to help you get started in this transformative practice. After understanding the proven physical and emotional health benefits of meditation, begin your practice through guided sessions that will let you experience the benefits of meditation immediately. Learn about:

- The benefits of meditation—how specific inner techniques affect the mind and body
- The deep relationship between meditation and spirituality
- Bringing mental focus and inner calm to any situation
- Defusing stress and difficult emotions
- How to establish a daily meditation practice, and identifying options for when and how to meditate

Shinzen Young provides precise guidance in specific practices that can be used by anyone—no matter what your background or belief system—to radically improve how you think, feel, work, and connect with others. This app is an essential guide for newcomers ready to start a meditation practice.

The Meditation: A Beginner’s Guide to Start Meditating Now app features:
- A step-by-step introduction to meditation with Shinzen Young (1 hour, 15 minutes of audio teachings)
- A relaxing slide show
- An interactive vine garden to enjoy while listening (iPad only)
- Bookmarking to help you easily find your favorite content
- A bonus video with Shinzen Young
- A bonus interview transcript of “A Meeting with a Pioneering Meditation Teacher,” an in-depth conversation with Shinzen Young

About the Author

Shinzen Young is the founder of the Vipassana Support Institute and many other meditation centers around the country. He is known for his innovative “interactive, algorithmic approach” to mindfulness, a system specifically designed for use in pain management, recovery support, and as an adjunct to psychotherapy. He leads meditation retreats throughout North America and consults widely on meditation-related research in both the clinical and the basic science domains, and is the author of The Science of Enlightenment.

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