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Lord Jesus Part II

Lord Jesus Part II

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Lord Jesus
1) Opening Seals
One Of The Seven Seals... A White Horse
The Second Seal... A Red Horse
The Third Seal... A Black Horse
The Fourth Seal... A Pale Horse
The Fifth Seal... Underneath The Altar The Souls... Cried
The Sixth Seal... A Great Earthquake
The Remnant Of The Children Of Israel
The Scene In Heaven After The Church Is Raptured
Trumpets, Seals, And Bowls
The Seventh Seal... A Silence
Situation In Heaven After Opening Of Seven Seals
2) Sounding Seven Trumpet
The First Trumpet
The Second Trumpet
The Third Trumpet
The Fourth Trumpet
The Fifth... The First Woe
The Sixth... The Second Woe
AnoTher Strong Angel
God Commands John To Eat The Little Book
Temple... Altar
Two Witnesses
A Great Earthquake
The Seventh Trumpet
Situation In Heaven After Seventh Trumpet
3) The Trinity of setan
A Great Sign
War In Heaven
A Great Voice
The Dragon... Persecuted The Woman
A Beast Coming Up Out Of The Sea
AnoTher Beast Coming Up Out Of Earth

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