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Indian Women's Battle For Freedom

Indian Women's Battle For Freedom

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Indian Women's Battle For Freedom
by Kamaladevi Chattopadhayay

I was induced to write this book to fill up a vacuum whose very emptiness is proof of an important missing Jink. There are not many books on the history of the social reform movement in India, but even these few have chosen to completely ignore the role of the women in it. It is as though whatever changes were brought about, were the outcome of men’s endeavour alone for social changes and thereby for the amelioration of the women. A grievous injustice has been done to the heroic efforts of countless women who strove against unimaginable deterrents, to serve the cause of their betterment. Women did valiant service not only pushing forward their own progress but acting as levers to help other oppressed sections, while facing fierce hostility. In the Indian scene today where social work has become just a profession or at the most a leisure hour pastime for the affluent class women, it is difficult to visualise the crusaders of long ago, working with passion, pursuing a goal laboriously, seeking nothing for themselves. There were no grants to feed such activities; no awards, titles, national recognition, no press publicity—instead a lot of abuse. Patience and forbearance with wisdom and tact so as not to kill an opportunity or outrage sentiments that would recoil.

The present day young women are totally unaware of the past social struggle or its nature. The past is regarded with rather a withering contempt for the leadership of that time. If conditions were so bad why did the women not revolt, they ask.

About The Author :-

Kamala Devi Chattopadhyay, who is known for her participation in the Freedom Struggle of India as well as for having initiated and organised India's cultural renaissance, is also one of the most effective constructive works in india.

In her recent book, she assails the usual interpretation-that the fairly progressive dejure position of women in the freedom struggle was entirely due to male social reformers and Ganbhiji. It subtly shows that it was organised advocacy by women which influenced leaders including gandhi.

It has similar other new historical facts and the underlying philosophy that women's struggle should be for a "total societal change", and not for partial crumbs.

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