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India Radios ™

India Radios ™

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Indian Radios is an application that brings you several Radio Stations. Listen to them in realtime from you iPod,iPad or iPhone device. From pop to dance, there is always a radio that you will like.

This amazing app has several interesting features:

- Listen your favorite radio stations in high quality... for FREE!
- Runs in the background (so you can surf the web, do your job and at the same time listen to amazing radio station songs).
- Dozens of radio stations to browse. Radio stations are updated on demand via Internet (you don't need to update this app in AppStore from time to time, just open you app and new radio stations are there!)
- Spectrum analyzer.
- Artist name and song title (note: not all radios provide this information).
- Interactive Menu: Select different radio stations by scrolling up and down.
- Play,Stop and Pause buttons.
- Sorted Radio Stations (easy to find your favorite one).

Attention: Internet connection is required in order to stream radio content.

PS: In case a specific radio station is not showing for you, please refresh radio list by clicking on Refresh button.

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