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i-Chi Power

i-Chi Power

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A visionary company, Quantum Visuals Unlimited Inc. introduces a revolutionary product, the i-Chi Power App.
Based on Eastern philosophies, this interactive App treats your mind, to a wonderful journey of deep relaxation. Some people noticed a dramatic calming of their nerves immediately. Others felt stronger from the inside out. You the user, will be able to experience and demonstrate what we call "i-Chi Power." It works like an energy or balance bracelet except it is developed in an App. Share "Your" experience.

Best for athletes/busy workers..... and you.

*Special Features*

*Portrait Mode Only*

Full Touch Screen Interactivity

As the Mandala spins, you can touch it, watch it change directions, touch the inside, the edges and outside of the mandalas.

*Strength Testing*

Put your arms up in front of you. Let a friend push or pull you off balance.

Watch the mandala, and spin it for a few seconds, take a deep breath.

Then let your friend, try to push or pull you off balance again.

See our You Tube demo "I Chi power app demo#1"

**The Power of Water**

If you have heard of Prof Emoto, of Japan no doubt you have marveled at the effect of positive words on water.

Use the mandala of your choice on your favorite drink or glass of water.

Simply Turn on the mandala and touch it to your cup or beverage.

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What's New

*** Now 15 Encoded Mandalas***
New Graphic designs, and directional features

***More Spin Combinations****

We came up with this with watching bathroom water spin down the drain, most galaxies pictures show an anti clockwise direction. We added the Yin Yang in both directions and were taken to another level of meditation.

The natural spin is recognized by our brains, and so using our mandalas in the natural Northern Hemisphere anti clockwise direction on Water you can create state then shift it to create many different states from meditation, affirmations and self hypnosis.

*** More Touch Features***
Touch Inside Outside, and even on the Ying Yang in the #3 stress free Mandala.

Play with the patterns that form from touching and releasing the
mandalas and let it spin you to another state of awareness.

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