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Goal Meter

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Intuitively track multiple goals and get motivated to reach them. Choose goals that can be represented with numbers, such as taking lessons, earning money, losing weight, or writing articles. A progress bar grows and changes color as you get closer to your goal.

To set up Goal Meter, enter a name for your goal and select a number that represents the end point of your journey. It could be $10,000 earned, 50 articles written, or 1,000 hours of practice at a skill you’re acquiring. Then choose where to start from (usually zero), where you happen to be now (also usually zero), and the increment amount, which is basically just the amount of hours / dollars / repetitions / whatever you’ll add to your goal each time you make progress. You might want to track income in chunks of $500, while sales could be tracked with an increment of one. That’s all there is to setting it up.

Every time you make progress toward your goal, hit the plus button. Goal Meter adds the amount you chose, slowly building a progress bar from the bottom to the top of the screen (that’s the meter part). When you reach your goal, the progress bar fills the entire screen. Additionally, the color of the bar transitions from red to orange to yellow to green as it grows. This gives you a very easy spatial and visual way to see the progress you’re making.

Tracking your goals can be an important source of motivation, especially when you have a long term goal where progress can be slow. If you track the time, hours, dollars, or whatever else you're doing to achieve your goal, you will have a cool little reminder that you are in fact moving forward and growing.

Goal Meter can even track negative goals, such as when you want to lose weight. Try entering something like 155 as the starting point and 130 as the goal -- Goal Meter works just as well in reverse.

The possibilities are endless. With a goal tracker like Goal Meter, you can easily keep tabs on the number of sales you've made this month, the number of pages you've added to your novel, the number of times you practiced a new habit, sales calls, healthy meals you've eaten, piano practice, French lessons, money earned, articles written -- it's up to you.

As simple as it is, I use Goal Meter to help me achieve goals every day, as part of my GTD system. I’m tracking every important goal in my life right now. At a quick glance, I can see where I stand on all of the things that matter to me.

Goal Meter is a simple and intuitive goal manager that I hope will help you achieve success.

Full internationalization: Goal - Objectif -Doel -Obiettivo - Mål -Ziel - Objetivo -Tavoite - Цель - 目標

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