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Breaking the Ice - Conversation Cheats

Breaking the Ice - Conversation Cheats

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✓ "5/5 - Nice app explained everything I would have never though of..." - USA
✓ "5/5 - Enjoyed it - You know, it really is a good app. Its just that it may need a few more entries :) overall 5/5" - USA
✓ "5/5 - This App certainly intrigues me, I don agree with all the answers but I know the intention was to represent the 'ideal' answer. I think it was never about being someone you're not but more about helping people get past their nervousness, since most of the time people are nervous in social situations for fear of an awkward silence or maybe being seen as a boring dud, but this app aims to eliminate that aspect by always having something interesting to talk about. Yeah I totally get it. The questions are awesome and Ive currently got one of the photography quotes as wallpaper, very inspiring."


CONVERSATION CHEATS - A collection of interesting Questions and Answers to make a lasting impression.
- Life is all about good conversations, they are the beginning of things to come and the end of things that were, they reminisce, they forget, they bond, they break, they give, they take, they’re real, they’re bait.

✓ Everyone has a story that’s interesting to someone, however, some people have more difficulty channelling their personality in social situations and fall victim to being misjudged so very quickly. Don’t let your nerves cure the most stubborn of insomniacs! The information age has no time for second chances, so make the first one count.

✓ This application helps you bring depth to discussions with interesting questions and answers. At a dinner party, or having coffee, staying up with friends or on a road trip, whether you’re meeting someone new or catching up with old mates, these are usually the best times for potentially good conversations.

✓ To avoid any chance of a dull conversation or simply that awkward silence, here's a collection of interesting, witty, intellectual questions and answers to give you that memorable discussion. Whether you ask the questions or use the answers, these are guaranteed to engage, impress and entertain.

✓ Not all the questions are for you, not all the answers suit your style, they may just serve as a catalyst to forming your own opinions, bring a new perspective or just reinforce our own thoughts but pick and choose what works for you and start talking!

✓ With regular updates of interesting questions, answers aswell as more famous quotes and poems to contemplate, you'll continue to make a lasting impression with everyone that you meet.

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