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Catholic Calendar

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Liturgical calendar for every year from 1970 to 2300 and beyond.

Feasts and celebrations according to the General Calendar and the local calendars of the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, Ireland, and others.

Also features "About Today" pages giving more information about the saint of the day.

If you have iOS8, you can see the saint of the day on your Today screen.

New in this version: the week's calendar and Mass readings can be seen on your Apple Watch, and a Glance is available to show you today's feast.

Doesn't need an Internet connection.

You can buy the Mass readings and Liturgy of the Hours through in-app purchase, a month at a time. Your first month's purchase is free.

Even without buying, you can see yesterday, today and tomorrow for free (but for this, you DO need an Internet connection).

What's New

You can now view the calendar, and the Mass readings, on the Apple Watch. A Glance is available to tell you what today's feast is.

The Australian and New Zealand contents have been updated to include the new Gospel Acclamations, and we have made a couple of corrections to the calendars at the same time.

If you take the option to buy a month of Universalis content (or even to try it free), then you can set up daily reminders for each Hour you are interested in. You can set the time for each reminder. This is all in the Settings screen.

As always, if you want help, just shake.

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