breeze: realistic wind chimes

breeze: realistic wind chimes

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Quite simply, breeze is the most realistic and highly rated wind chime app on the App Store!

Some of the comments we have had to date:


"... the whole world fades away. Highly recommended!" - Ke5mte (US)

"WOW!!" - jazolivia (US)

"The sounds of the chimes is exquisitely accurate." - alex_brin (US)

"Beautiful sounds" - tusauds (AUS)

"Very soothing sounds, great updates!" - AK.47 (JAPAN)

"... truly exquisite and beautifully done!" - E.H (via email)

"Beyond description. Sound is fantastic, backgrounds are incredible." - jfkaess (US)


In addition to the 7 available wind chimes, breeze allows you to choose from 10 different background sounds; birds chirping, the wind blowing, the rain falling, the ocean crashing on the beach to name a few. Each sound can be played on its own, or blended with other sounds to create a unique and very relaxing ambience.

To really take your mind off things, you can enable the Evolve mode and let breeze slowly blend the background sounds for you; this provides a completely seamless and ever changing experience which many people thoroughly enjoy.


If you enjoy breeze, please rate it and share it with your friends!

PLEASE NOTE: This App CANNOT play in the background. When the app closes, the chimes will stop.

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What's New

VERSION 1.3.1 (September, 2013)

You can now purchase additional chimes!
Sorry for the delay in getting this issue resolved.


VERSION 1.3 (August, 2013)

4 new background images have been added. These are 'sharp' as requested by a couple of customers.

When left on for an extended period, the screen would 'tilt' to one side. This has now been fixed. Apologies this took so long to fix.

Support for 3 new languages; Chinese, German and Japanese. Thankyou to PK, Makoto and Cindy for providing the translations

6 new chimes have been added! These are available as an In-App purchase to help support the ongoing development of this app.


VERSION 1.2 (March, 2012)

After a lot of investigation and development time, we are unable to add this feature. The issue is with the framework we have used to make breeze. With some luck the situation will change in the future.

We have added two new chimes; Japanese Chime and Shells. Many thanks to AK.47 from Japan who sent some Japanese chimes half way around the world

Two new background scenes have been added.

Two new ambient sounds to enjoy; Owl and 'down by the dock'.

When you start breeze, it will now remain 'awake'. Enabling the sleep timer will cause the device to switch off once the timer reaches zero.

If you set the brightness to zero, the app will go into 'ECO' mode. This mode conserves battery power and generates far less heat.

Also, if the sleep timer is enabled, the app will automatically go into ECO mode after 1 minute of inactivity.

We have made the 'wind strength' far less sensitive. This makes it easier to select a gentle wind.

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback to date. We love hearing how much you love breeze!


VERSION 1.1 (June, 2011)

AMBIENT SOUNDS - Choose from eight different sounds; rain, thunder, summer night, wind etc. You can play more than one sound at a time to create the perfect ambient backdrop to your chimes.

VISUAL EFFECTS - Subtly Enhance the mood with visual effects; rain, mist, lightning.

NEW OPTIONS - Sleep timer; volume control for chimes and ambient sounds; adjust the key of the chimes; wind strength slider; screen brightness.

EVOLVE - We have been very busy adding a new feature called evolve. We love this feature. When enabled, evolve will slowly transition the background scene, the ambient sounds and the visual effects in a seamless way. Choose how long you would like the transition to take. Longer settings work really well.


VERSION 1.0 (February, 2011)

First release of breeze, the most realistic wind chime experience on the iPhone and iPad.

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