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Family health encyclopedia in 3 volumes

Family health encyclopedia in 3 volumes

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This book embodies the healthy life wisdom, family oriented interpretation of health and longevity of the basic common sense, brings together the family daily care and practical method, for different physique, different age, different gender, different occupation groups living, diet, exercise, providing simple, effective, safe health plan, scientific, knowledge the utility of. Readable in one body, guide you to the long quest journey in a way of keeping good health, you contributed to the advanced upgrade. Query: different physique, the human physiological characteristics and targeted health scheme, each of different age occupation of the physical characteristics of each season of health points, all types of food health and practical approach. Understanding of human life on earth: how long can the effect of healthy longevity factors, different sleep the most appropriate length of time, various types of traditional health keeping function difference, which kind of sports and leisure way is the most suitable for their own health and longevity. Learning: rational diet nutrition for family health drugs commonly used method, the basic principles of common psychological nursing, health keeping exercise tips, at all times and in all countries, famous celebrities on valuable health experience. " Health is the first wealth of life", the health not only belongs to the individual, also belong to the family, belong to the society. The pursuit of health, eager to human longevity is some longtime dream. Health, the real life people most often focus on a topic, pay attention to health, quality of life of modern people to their attention. On the exploration of health, to a large extent reflects the degree of social civilization. The more developed civilization society, people more attention is the survival outside the spiritual needs and physical enjoyment. This day development of science and technology makes a way of keeping good health was more broad development platform. One can control the objective law, but cannot violate objective law. Just know that life is precious, health is important is not enough, and only through the scientific, civilized, healthy life style and behavior mode, advocate science and health, can we truly achieve the life quality and quantity of the perfect combination, can really taste the joy of life, happy life. , China long health culture and tradition," health" from the pre-Qin period beginning up to now, experienced thousands of years of evolution and development, has formed a comparatively perfect theory system and practice experience. As early as in" Neijing" in put forward " preventive treatment of disease " concept, indicated prevention, care, rehabilitation and other means to" prevention before illness"," disease" plays an important role in. The Eastern Han Dynasty famous doctor Hua Tuo creation" style", is the earliest implementation of health care and prevention with pioneer. Health as people achieve health, happiness, longevity, need to inherit and develop. ," Family Health Encyclopedia" ( Photo Edition) is a guide to the health and longevity of the readers and write. The book is divided into 3volumes, a total of 14 chapters, all people longevity, health, science daily leisure Yangxin, diet conditioning, disease care, sex happiness, mental health, sports fitness, an impressive array of, without one not people experienced in real life or the need to use the. The book is rich in content, style novel, the viewpoint is bright, beautiful illustrations and appropriate, is dedicated to the broad masses of readers with a set of easily taste, having substance in speech, effective health regimen. ,

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