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New Real Girl "Yua Saito" release!
It finally publish on July 7, 2011.

*The change of her whom wants to be met can
be done on the profile screen.
"Karin Ogino" "Yua Saito" Please enjoy her two

*The watched animation can be skipped by
marking the lower right of the screen in the

*It corresponded to some of the reported bug.

"Real Girl" is the app that
enjoys wonderful every day that your thing
spends with "Love" her.
Please enjoy such every day by the movies
of overwhelming capacity in high quality.

The scene that cuts out various events with
her flows when the app is started.
It becomes important memories that surely
reach you it is "Love" of wanting tell
you in nonchalant daily life.

*Additional contents are included in this
app and more and more

- "Karin Ogino" "Yua Saito"
It can enjoy animation that exceeds total 300
respectively by two situations.

- When downloading it, the Wi-Fi environment
is recommended.

"Yua Saito"
- The chapter of Holiday only of two people
Holiday only by she and two people.
Let's enjoy oneself over athletic and lunch
with her.

- The chapter of Secret office
She and office date quietly.
Let's make the time of two people while being
holding a meeting and taking a rest.

"Karin Ogino"
- The chapter of the date
It can meet her of plain clothes at any time.
Let's go the park, the cafe, and to shopping.
- Chapter of school:
It dates her of the uniform at the school.
Let's go to the classroom, the roof,
the physical education warehouse, and the place
that holds fond memories for.

- The function to answer her question
by choices is added.
- The reproduced video changes depending
on a day of the week and time.
- The prize video corresponding to
the accomplishment rate can be seen.
- It becomes possible to use various functions
of the album.
The slide show function of the video that has
already been seen is offered to the album.
- The advertisement becomes non-display.

*This application program uses a large amount
of memories.
When the memory is a little, it doesn't start.
The application program might end suddenly while
video has been Playing.
*If the application is not stable,
please restart the terminal.
As a result, behavior might be improved.
Please retrieve it with youtube,
saying that "Real Girl"!

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