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Stop Smoking!

Stop Smoking!

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Get Help To Stop Smoking With Hypnotherapy!

Hypnosis is a natural state in which everyone moves in and out of every day. We experience hypnosis when day-dreaming or when we have our attention intensely focused on something of interest. In this altered state of awareness, our unconscious mind is more open and receptive to ideas and suggestion.

By using hypnosis, we can present information to our unconscious mind to bring about the changes we desire. It may be that the unconscious mind is viewing certain situations from a flawed perspective, which means that it is influencing our bodies' responses in a negative way,
e.g. we feel anxious and afraid of something which is really not all that threatening (phobias and fears). In hypnosis, we can correct those flawed perceptions which, in turn, will result in the unconscious mind changing the way it influences our feelings and our physical responses. We
can also present information to the unconscious mind about positive things we want to experience, e.g. feeling more confident in a certain situation and performing better. Our unconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imaginary. When we use the power of hypnosis to present information to the unconscious mind in our imagination, our unconscious can accept that as real and will then go on to respond to that new information. It is important to know that the more you believe in the power of your mind to bring about what you want, and the more you commit to focusing your attention on what you want, the better the results will be. One session of hypnotic suggestions will not bring about much change at all. However, repeated suggestions in line with your goals and a strong focus on the outcomes you really want will help you to make these a reality.

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