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Steamer HD

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Reach for the “Steamer” app, your guide to healthier cooking made even easier.

Steaming is a cooking method around for ages. It is unquestionably the healthiest method of cooking keeping vital nutrients & vitamins intact while food is fresher, more colourful and retains a lot more flavour. Isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day, plus with the Steamer App it takes very little effort. Your Welcome!!

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All available steamer devices have only one clock which can be quite a nuisance. Keeping track of cooking times for each layer of food can become confusing also clockwork timers aren't always accurate – some stop before their allotted time.
They usually indicate the end of the cooking time with a short bell. Food can be over or worse, under cooked caused by just guessing. By using the Steamer App, simply set up the cooking timer duration for each food type found in your own steamer manual and the Steamer App will notify you when a particular food is cooked by sounding an alarm. Set the food aside and wait for everything else to cook perfectly and all there is to do now is enjoy your meal.

Why steam your food? Well, here's why:

-Steaming your vegetables allows them to retain their colour, texture, flavour and nutritional value.

-Vegetables are less likely to to break up after cooking (so long as you don't overdo the cooking time).

-In a multiple tiered steamer more than one type of vegetable can be cooked at the same time.

-The cooked vegetables don't require any straining.

-Vegetables cook much faster.

-No need to use oil as you would have to if you roasted the vegetables.

-Easier washing up as no saucepans required.


We always recommend you to download the free version
to test before you purchase the full version.

What's new

-reduced app size
-minor bug fixes


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