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Smart Alarm Clock HD: sleep cycles and night sounds recording

Smart Alarm Clock HD: sleep cycles and night sounds recording

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Optimized for iOS 7!

What makes Smart Alarm Clock so smart? This nifty app analyzes your sleep patterns, waking you at the ideal time, when your body is ready, helping you to start the day rested and full of energy.

During sleep your body goes through several sleep cycles and stages. These are known as Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep and Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) sleep. To be at your best you need to run through a series of these cycles. Waking up at the right stage is key to feeling full rested, any earlier (or even later) and you may be left feeling sluggish throughout the day.
The best natural wake up is during the lightest sleep stage, Smart Alarm Clock figures out when you’re in this stage and gently wakes you – smart stuff!

Using your iPad geometers and accelerometers and our smart algorithms, Smart Alarm Clock monitors your movements detecting what sleep stage you’re in. The alarm clock goes off when you’re naturally ready to get up within the time range you set. Helping you start your day well rested and energetic!


* Monitors your sleep cycles to determine the best wake-up time
* Gives detailed statistics of your sleep cycles and stages


A very short sleep lasting less than 30 minutes to revitalize yourself and make you more alert and productive


* Helps to detect what disturbs you at night
* Detects and records sounds in your bedroom (find out if you snore!)
* Favorites section for your sounds/noises (new!)


* More than 100 special tunes to fall asleep and wake up to
* Automatic chill out/wakeup volume


* Weather forecast: detailed weather stats from around the world

* Adjustable snooze time
* Possibility to adjust volume, brightness, change chill-out tracks right on sleep screen
* Use tracks from your iPad or iPod's library for falling asleep and waking up

* Cloud data backup in trial mode

Turn your iPad into advanced sleep control center with Smart Alarm Clock!

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What's new

* New power nap mode
* Possibility to adjust volume, brightness, change chill-out tracks right on sleep screen
* Favorites section for your sounds/noises
* Cloud data backup in trial mode
* Design improvements
* General improvements & bug fixes


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