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Discover SleepIQ® technology.
Only Available with Sleep Number® beds.

The SLEEP NUMBER® bed just got even smarter, so you can sleep even better. SleepIQ® technology tracks and optimizes your sleep, empowering you to make changes for your best possible sleep.

Whether it’s changing the level of comfort and support of your bed - your SLEEP NUMBER® setting - or recommending adjustments to your daily patterns like bedtime, diet or exercise, SleepIQ® tells you what’s impacting your sleep. There’s nothing to wear. Nothing to turn on. Sleep, track your activities, and let SleepIQ do the rest.

New to SleepIQ® in release 2.5 is the “Time to Fall Asleep” feature. Found under the “Chart” view on the “Sleep” screen, “Time to Fall Asleep” enables SleepIQ to track how long you were in bed prior to falling asleep, leaving the length of time it took to fall asleep outside of your SleepIQ® score. Time spent reading or watching TV will not count toward sleep time.

SleepIQ® can use data from your other health and fitness apps to learn how life affects your sleep, and sleep affects your life. You’ll experience personalized notifications, segmented sleep tips, and ongoing insights based on your individualized data. That’s because, if you choose, SleepIQ will integrate with the following health and wellness apps:

-Apple Health
-Microsoft Health

You can quickly and easily integrate data from these apps into SleepIQ, which will then help you better understand what affects your sleep. Did a hard workout contribute to restless sleep? What should you change to sleep better? Over time, SleepIQ will help you know. Whether you’re tracking indoor temperature, different types of workouts or more, SleepIQ will pair the data from these apps to your personalized sleep data and help you understand how what you do during the day affects how you sleep at night. (Note that some data - including that from Apple Heath - is being collected by SleepIQ as “read only” and is not yet being presented in tips or notifications.) By simply doing what you already do - and sleeping on your SLEEP NUMBER® bed with SleepIQ® technology - you’ll be on your way to optimizing your sleep for the best days possible.

SleepIQ® also allows you to track delivery of your new SLEEP NUMBER® bed in real time, giving you the confidence to manage the order of your bed.

Tracking trends over time helps you get better sleep. See your weekly/monthly trends at a glance, receive personalized updates, notifications and tips, and track how your sleep changes over time.

Know. Better. Sleep.

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- You asked, we listened: Now SleepIQ can share your sleep start and end times with Apple Health!
- Bug fixes

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