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This app requires a Misfit Shine or Flash device with an iPhone 4S or newer, or a Beddit Sleep monitor or Pebble smartwatch with iPhone 4 or newer. Get your Shine, Flash, and Beddit Sleep Monitor at www.misfit.com.

Shine and Flash are elegant activity and sleep trackers that encourage and inspire you to live a more active life. Find out how active you are every day, and set goals to improve. Wear Shine anywhere on your body with our range of upgrades including sport bands, leather bands, clasp, and necklaces, designed for comfort and style. You can wear Shine on your wrist, clasp, or socks. Shine and Flash’s long-lasting battery and automatic wireless syncing mean you’ll spend less time plugging in and more time moving.

Use the Beddit Sleep Monitor to get detailed insights on your sleep cycles and quality. Using the world’s thinnest sleep sensor, the Misfit Beddit Sleep System seamlessly measures your sleep cycles and quality using heart rate, respiration, movement, snoring, and sound. The paper-thin device rests underneath your sheets, directly on your mattress.

Use the Misfit app to access these features:
- Track your goals: Create a goal and track your running, cycling, swimming and more
- Translate activities to understanding: See how your everyday activity translates to stats like steps, calories and distance
- See trends: See your activity level over a day, week, or month change--and watch yourself improve
- Get social: Personalize your profile, add friends and compare your daily activity
- Sleep soundly: With Misfit’s wearable devices, we’ll show you how you slept without wearing the device. With Beddit, see sleep cycles and quality, see heart rate, snoring, and awakenings;
- Wake up, refreshed: Set a sleep goal and use the smart alarm to wake yourself in your lightest stage of sleep
- Connect with other health apps: share sleep analysis, steps, and weight with the Apple Health app, MyFitnessPal, and more.

Find us on Twitter: @Misfit
Need help? www.misfit.com/faqs

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What's New

Misfits! We fixed some critical issues from the last release, including:
- Fixed data syncing issues for Flash users who signed up since 10/21
- Fixed issues when calculating lap counts for some Speedo Shine users
- Improved connections between your wearable that uses Misfit Link and the app
- Passive sleep tracking is now enabled by default for all Flash/Shine/Shine 2 users

In addition, we’ve announced Shine 2, the next generation of the award-winning Shine Fitness and Sleep Monitor! Check it out here: http://misfit.com/products/shine2 What’s new with Shine 2?

- See your progress in color! 12 vivid LEDs each display over 16 million potential colors; view progress & time in halo of rainbow colored lights
- Vibration motor provides inactivity alerts, gentle wake up alarm, notifications, and additional tactile feedback
- Get text and call notifications with unique vibe and light animations
- Use with Misfit Link to control your world; play music, take a selfie, or interact with a variety of internet services and smart home devices through IFTTT or Logitech’s Harmony Home Hub
- And even more! Check it out here: http://misfit.com/products/shine2

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