Seconds - Timer for Interval Training, Circuit Training, HIIT, Tabata, WOD and fitness workouts

Seconds - Timer for Interval Training, Circuit Training, HIIT, Tabata, WOD and fitness workouts

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LOOK NO FURTHER, you have just found the most advanced interval training timer on the App Store. Seconds has been downloaded over 1 million downloads, and has over 5000 5-star reviews. Other interval timers don't even come close when it comes to quality, features and ease of use.


• Large clear display
• Templates for HIIT, Tabata, Circuit Training and more
• Custom timers to create any intervals imaginable
• Bluetooth heart rate sensor support
• Speaks your interval names in your language
• Loud or soothing alerts
• Coordinate music with intervals
• Universal app, works on all devices
• External display and AirPlay Mirroring support
• Runs in the background

Please note: while this is a free download - and you get to use all the features - it is still a paid app. A one time, in-app purchase is required to upgrade the app. This will enable you to save the timers you create, and remove the ads.


The timing screen has a large time display that can easily be read from a distance. It works in portrait or landscape. The current interval and next interval are displayed so you can see also what's up now and next. The entire background uses the current interval colour so you don't even need to read the name.

Seconds comes with templates for HIIT, Tabata and Circuit Training making it very easy to quickly create a timer for your workouts. If you require more advanced options, Seconds doesn't let you down. You can create completely custom timers one interval at a time, or even combine timers together to create compound timers.

Seconds supports Bluetooth heart rate sensors and allows you to configure the display to show your current heart rate and estimated calories burned during your training session.

The text to speech option will read out your interval names as you get to them, or even give you some advance warning. Alternatively, you can choose from the built in alerts. These ranges from simple beeps, to MMA air horns and boxing bells, to bells and gongs for more relaxing timers.

Seconds allows you to match the intensity of your music to the intensity of your workout. For each interval, you can select a song, album, artist, genre, playlist, podcasts or audiobooks. If this is not to your taste you can simply play another music source in the background.

Share the timers you’ve created or completed with your friends on your Twitter, Facebook or Weibo. They will then be able to import your timer into their app.

Transfer all your timers to another device of yours or a friends easily via Email or AirDrop.

Use AirPlay Mirroring to display your timers on a big screen. Perfect for personal trainers and fitness class instructors. Enable Privacy Mode so your personal or client timers are not displayed as you navigate the app.

Want a timer for the 7 minute workout, or Tabata. Seconds comes with these preinstalled as well as samples of the other timer types.

Seconds has been built from the ground up to support iOS 8 and work on all screen resolutions. You can run it in the foreground and disable the Auto-Lock, or run it in the background and have it play your alerts and send notifications when your intervals are complete.

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What's New

Version 3.0.2

Thank you everyone for your feedback with version 3.0.1. It's been very well received.

In this version more of the functionality that had been removed has been restored (most notably the Bluetooth heart rate sensor support) and more bugs have been fixed.

One big change is the removal of timer-level audio. The reasons for which are as follows:

1. The majority of people that want music to continuously play throughout a timer use an external app.
2. The same result can be achieved by setting audio on the first interval of the timer and settings it to Resume and Persist.
3. The feature was introduced as a workaround before background modes were added.

If this is a deal breaker please contact me directly and I'll see what I can work out. You can email me at [](

Have a great 2015!

Full Changelog


- Bluetooth heart rate support.
- Option to use heavier font throughout.
- Overrun feature to timers.
- Ability to change the timer fields.
- Interval elapsed option to timer fields.
- Calories option to timer fields.
- Personal Details section to enable calorie calculation.
- Share settings screen.
- Halfway alert option to intervals


- Timer list share action to share on social networks (will link to
- Share within Organise mode to Export.
- Edit icon to a pencil.
- Preparation interval to use timer alerts.
- Passive rate prompt.
- Tapping email in help pages to open support screen.
- End beep alerts to use 2 beeps + a long beep.


- Timer-level audio.
- Volume option from intervals without audio.


- Resuming between intervals with same query params.
- Audio not resuming after interruptions.
- Crash on iPad when launching a timer with music while playing external audio.
- Bug where timer would go crazy after previewing alerts more than once.
- External display and timer views bugs.

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